Bona Mega ONE simplifies the craftsman’s everyday life, making the job faster and easier with the quality you depend on. In addition, it cures much faster and this is especially important if you have pets or kids. Bona Traffic HD one of the toughest and most durable lacquers available for wooden floors. Provides excellent flow and levelling to give an exceptional, professional looking finish every time. Yes, it is tougher than even the highest quality oil-based finish. An expert floor finisher would probably recommend 3 coats of finish, minimum. Quick to dry, easy to abrade, excellent build characteristics and with no mixing required, Bona Mega ONE delivers speed, simplicity and a fantastic result in a 1k finish for contractors and floor owners in need of durable everyday floor protection. But again, only in the high traffic areas. The recommended system is one coat of Bona oil based stain or one coat of water based sealer and two coats of Traffic floor finish. An oxygen-crosslinking polyurethane (OCP) formula with extraordinary performance. Bona Traffic HD. If you want to save a few dollars by using Traffic over Mega, then I would do 1 coat of Mega and 2 of Traffic. Bona PowerPlus Microfibre Deep Clean Pad performs 70% better than other hardwood floor cleaners when paired with Bona PowerPlus Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner. My Bona traffic arrived without fuss the very next day. Bona Traffic is a two-component timber floor coating. Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish Satin 1 Gallon. While maintaining lovely clarity in the floor finish, Traffic is ideally suited for the toughest locations. Laminate Flooring and Hardwood Flooring Installations, Repairs and Restoration. Ideal for offices, small shops, hotel rooms and domestic properties, Bona Mega offers the performance of a 2K floor varnish in a ready-to-use formula. Bona Mega is a mid grade water borne polyurethane. I am not sure that the floor finishers successfully got off all the Bona Mega HD from the treads, so I have no clue if Bona Traffic HD can go over the product. Widely used in hotels, restaurants and airports, where maximum durability and a short downtime is essential. Bona Traffic HD is one of the world's toughest and fastest drying lacquers for wooden floors exposed to extreme wear, allowing full traffic to be resumed in just 12 hours. Bona Traffic HD - 5 Litres. $73.19 ... almost 6 months now and I have to add to this review that even with the snowy winter and very wet spring we've had this Bona Mega HD has held up like I have never seen before. Mixing Traffic part A with part B begins the hardening process of the finish. Pet Protection. Bona Traffic is a 2-component waterbased wood floor finish. It’s 10-15% more durable with a better flow and leveling compared to Traffic. Discover which ones at 0:30. Bona Prime Classic - 5 Litres. Bona’s Traffic has been the toughest finish on the block for a long time. Used in hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, where short downtime is essential. Add to cart View. I have requested that the floor finishers use Bona Traffic HD since they are starting from scratch anyway, in hopes that the results would be better. ... Add to cart View. Bona Mega ONE is your 1 component partner for timber floor treatment. Pete’s has been using this finish on contracting jobs for the past 25 years because it lasts a long time and keeps call-backs and complaints to a minimum. Bona is a worldwide industry leader in hardwood floor care that is safe for floors, families and the environment. Bona Traffic HD Mat (High Durability) is een parketlak met een zeer snelle uitharding, de vloer kan reeds na 12 uur worden betreden. The unique patent pending PowerLoop technology gently breaks apart and loosens tough dirt build-up, … bona traffic hd. Het is een tweecomponenten aflak die de zuurstof in de lucht als verharder gebruikt. Steve Orobec, 01/05/2014. I purchased 10L of Traffic HD and Prime Intense to redo a couple of floors at home that I did 8 years ago with Bona Mega. Mega is a waterborne polyurethane, but it is not quite as colorless as other water-based finishes – there is a faint amber tint that becomes more noticeable over time. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. 24 $78.99 $78.99. More Buying Choices $70.00 (7 new offers) Bona Traffic Anti Slip Satin. It looks better (and yellows less over time), it lasts much longer (often an extra 3 to 5 years, pending on the wear and tear), it has lower VOCs and it smells less. Bona Mega Varnish is a water-based, polyurethane floor varnish. Bona Traffic Aflak 2K (klik voor opties). most contractors will specify a 3 coat lacquer system with Mega, a typical system would be 1 x coat of Bona Prime, followed by a further 2 coats of Bona Mega. Bona Mega Test Scuff Marks The proven performance and value standard waterborne hardwood floor finish in the industry for residential and commercial floors. Bona Mega is not quite as hard wearing as its big brother [Bona Traffic] and is often used by contractors in domestic situations, such as Hallways, Dining Rooms, Reception Rooms etc. 1-800-372-5090 Bona Traffic wood floor finish is formulated specifically for heavy traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors. Recommended by professionals since 1919. We use this when our customers want (or are required by their co-op) to use water borne poly, but their budget won’t accomodate Bona Traffic. Find the nearest retailer to get the best floor care products around! Bona products have been used for over 90 years, giving our customers great results. Bona Traffic HD (Heavy Duty) is hands down the best water borne polyurethane on the market. $132.00. Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish is a 2-component (part A is mixed with part B prior to application) waterborne hardwood floor finish which goes on clear and remains clear for the life of the floor. Een ideale keuze voor winkels en openbare ruimtes waar een prioriteit is van een minimale uitvaltijd en waar de hoogst mogelijke duurzaamheid is vereist. Bona Mega is versatile and ideal for wooden floors in offices, smaller shops, hotel rooms and similar locations and as a premium choice for homes. Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip. Like Mega One and Mega, Traffic HD is a newer version of Bona’s original Traffic finish. Note also that these products don’t take the place of stains and sealers; they are applied as a top-coat finish once your floor has been stained and sealed. All-in-one self priming, non-yellowing, easy to apply floor varnish. The Bona Premium Spray Mop for Hardwood Floors is a high-quality spray mop that combines the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner in a convenient cartridge along with the Bona Microfiber Cleaning Pad. Bona Mega revolutionized the world of wooden coatings... £ 84.50 . 4.3 out of 5 stars 69. Foot Traffic Considerations. Pets and floors can play together nicely. Additionally, Traffic HD is GreenGuard Gold Certified, with lower VOCs than the original Traffic finish, and it is also food safe. Bona Prime Classic is a high solids, single... £ 65.00 . Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Tech Data Sheet Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Finish Safety Data Sheet Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Hardener Safety Data Sheet Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Resistance Certificate Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Specifier Paragraphs Bona Traffic HD Anti-Slip Overcoating Specifier Paragraphs Traffic is … Bona Mega ONE is a clear, waterborne 1-component finish that dries fast, is easy to use and provides high build for superior protection. Once Bona Traffic Part A is mixed with Traffic Part B there is a working time of about 2-3 hours. Bona Traffic HD The world’s toughest and fastest drying lacquer for wooden floors exposed to extreme wear allowing full traffic to be resumed in just 12 hours. Bona Traffic is infinitely stronger than Bona Mega. Then apply Bona Mega in all the light traffic areas and Traffic in all the heavy traffic areas. Specifically designed for high traffic floors, Bona Traffic provides the ultimate in durability. Bona Traffic remains clear for the life of the floor meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time. Two component finishes are much tougher than their single pack rivals. It is also recommended for use in schools and nurseries due to its very low indoor emissions. Twee-componenten polyurethaanlak op waterbasis voor projectvloeren met een zeer hoge slijtvastheid. We do however recommend checking the intercoat adhesion prioer to overcoating. Only 12 left in stock - order soon. Add to cart View. Bona Mega --> Parketvloer lakken - reukloze lak, bijzonder slijtvast Parketlak Bona Mega is een éénpots 100% polyurethaanlak op waterbasis. Bona Mega - 5 Litres. Simple and easy to use. Highly recommended for plank floors and floors with underfloor heating. Bona Mega ONE. Bona Traffic is GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Bona Traffic HD Commercial Extra Matte 4.6 out of 5 stars 76. If you are looking long-term clarity, consider Bona Traffic, Pallmann Pall-X 96, or Pall-X Power instead. FREE Shipping. Bona Traffic hardwood floor finish is a professional-grade floor finish that works wonders for residential and commercial floors. Bona Finishes Safety Data Sheets and Tech Data Sheets for Finishes General, Prime Intense, Prime Classic, Prime White, Mega, Traffic, Traffic HD, Traffic HD Anti-Slip, Traffic Natural, Retarder, Mix&Fill Bona Traffic HD usually has great adhesion to pre-varnished flooring. $70.24 $ 70. A clear, water-based floor varnish for low to medium traffic wood floors. Some shoes can damage wood floors. You can do this by applying a coat of Bona Traffic HD to a pre-prepared area and allowing the coating to set for 3 days. Bona Mega Wood Floor Finish Extra Matte 1 Gallon 4.8 out of 5 stars 36. Traffic literally re-defined the area of wear. A next generation 1k finish that delivers 2k results. Parts A and B are sold together and separately, so if you’re sold on Bona, make sure you get both.. Bona Traffic Anti Slip is a 100% polyurethane 2-component... £ 120.00 . 4.8 out of 5 stars 189.

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