David, what would your prefer, A380 PE or 787? The premium economy cabin on the A380 features 56 seats. I pay no attention to any review where the pax flew 'courtesy of'. interact with our community. Interesting review, thanks, David. Premium Economy sounds and looks terribly uncomfortable. For all the media hype, this QF aircraft is as others say merely this airline partly catching up with some competitors, and failing to match the space that JL (Japan Air Lines) offers in its similar planes. Download our free online tools for individuals with dexterity limitation. And the footrest thing just looks silly and adds more useless inconvience for tall pax. PER-LHR experiment will be a failure. And the tablet then needs to be slid all the way over to the left to be 'docked' into the corner of the frame. Seats are only being sold in pairs, with prices ranging from AU$4,380 for a pair of economy class seats to AU$13,980 Absolutely best in class at the time. "Why the same complaints not extended here on this forum". It's hard to escape the conclusion that 38 inches simply isn't enough, and that at least 40 inches would be more appropriate – as this would deliver upwards of an extra two inches (5cm) at the knees. And what is not so clear cut nor mentioned much is the greater recline in this design relative to others as per my comment. Get the latest flight deals straight to your inbox. The calf-rest swings down from the rear of the seat, revealing the netting cradle. Which really doesn't matter because folks here attack this QF PY seat design purely on the basis of knee room and totally forgot that seat pitch contains a space for both recline AND knee room. Other key features of Premium Economy on the Qantas Dreamliner include: A separate cabin of 28 seats, configured in a two-three-two layout to improve aisle access for middle passengers. No it just hasn't been mentioned in the article. PER-LHR non-stop like this? Its We're not fools. Wow. Qantas could fix the PE legroom issue by removing one row of Y from the forward cabin and the distribute the 32inches across PE and the remaining rows of Y. Premium Economy is supposed to be a lot better than economy, nobody here is asking for business class at PE prices, but adequate legroom is an essential part of the PE product offering and this seat or rather the pitch assigned to it by Qantas doesn't deliver. Each seat has a 13.3 inch video screen... ... with those fitted to the armrests of the front-row seats showcasing how narrow today's video screens have become. Just below the screen is a pocket for stowing your smartphone, reading glasses or other small bits of personal kit. The new premium economy cabin. All controlled from your personal touch-screen located in the side console of the B787-9 and A380 aircraft. Last year, Australian Business Traveller reviewed Qantas' new Premium Economy offering on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, and while there was a lot to like about the product, the lack of legroom once the seat ahead of you was reclined was a worrying … PS Can't help but think FLX1 is a Qantas troll.

01. So from what I see the problem is that the "shell" around the back of the seat takes up too much room when the seat reclines? This won't make for a comfortable flight, especially not on the Dreamliner's 17+ hour non-stop trek between Perth and London. Why the same complaints not extended here on this forum. A seat that is almost 10 per cent wider than Qantas’ existing Premium Economy (and as wide as Business Class on other airlines) as well as increased recline. I find there are two big variables in sleeping on aircraft in premium cabins – one is, as you've noted, legrest or not; the other in business class is lie-flat or recline, sometimes I much prefer a deep recline with the legrest up to make the seat like a comfy lounge chair, rather than a fully-flat bed. No way will I risk that ever again..so disappointed to hear this on the Dreamliner...suppose I'm dreaming to think they could make seats for tall...& some for short ? The new premium economy cabin. I'll keep an open mind and give it a go sometime. We found pricing of $5813 for Premium Economy and a whopping $12,551 for Qantas Dreamliner business class. When will Qantas reopen its international lounges? May be SQ is considered an Australian airline..... With mathematical/physical certainty, I think it's clear which of the following yields a wider seat or aisle width in PY: Distribute 8seats +2aisles across a cabin diameter of 221inches. There’s a second USB jack the middle armrest of each seat, just above the headphone socket. The Qantas Premium Economy Experience: Anytime I get to fly on a 747, I find myself as excited as a kid in a candy store. this product is what we can expect to put up with for 17+hrs, the This article is more proof how the QF 'Dreamliner' could be more correctly be called the 'Nightmareliner' (for all but the small number in business class.). Access snacks and drinks from the self-serve bars available on our B787-9 and A380 aircraft. to be comfortable, especially for the premium prices QF charge. Snuggle up with one of our large cotton pillows and a 100% wool blanket for optimum comfort. Seems like a big design flaw but the footrest looks nice and the overall product seems quite good. Here's the side-on view with a front seat reclined: Note the leg position of the passenger in the rear seat: I'm in the shot below, and despite being bog-average in height you can still see how my legs are close to the rear of the seat without even the room to cross them. But my point is comments like "I actually slept worse in the JQ J seat on the 788 than I normally do in the QF Y seat on the 333/332." Your Dreamliner B787 Premium Economy seat is designed specifically for ultra-long haul flying and focuses on customised features to ensure maximum comfort. When reclined it could be the tightest PE on the market. Like others have said, people book premium Renowned service, onboard inclusions and an award-winning airline, fly with us and discover the Qantas difference. "Fixed shell seats are great for protecting your personal space but they trade this off with a limited recline within the shell making it tough to sleep.". Sit back and relax in your A380 Premium Economy seat, designed by Marc Newson and built by Recaro. David also looks extremely well dressed, with a tie, as male business travellers ought have except in tropical climates. So it makes little sense to pay for what could well be obsolete or just last-gen (or last-last gen) kit now, versus waiting until you're ready to go and can buy and retrofit the latest kit for maximum performance. David, in photo 16 (and shown in photo 17 with your writing notebook), does that side space have something at the bottom of the seat to ensure that whatever you put there, stays there (without slipping down into the bowels of the seat, necessitating a call to an FA)? Seated in an intimate and private cabin, you'll enjoy the benefits of flying premium with dedicated check-in, priority boarding, a well thought out seat design with indulgent touches to make you feel at home plus a refreshed menu and extensive wine list. Apparently, the concept of design trade-offs is unknown for many here.... "...this is an Australian traveller website, where we focus on our Airlines...". The A350 seat is narrower than the A380 seat though. I'm about 180cm and had plenty of legroom. Nup, not for me. Whether you’re booking your next holiday or flying for business or pleasure, you could be earning points on all sorts of things with our partners. There's much to like about Qantas' new premium economy seat, which sits in its own cabin of four rows with a 2-3-2 seating layout. Very thorough and impartial article - great to see. One other point: unless my memory is completely defective, SQ have never hyped their W class or whatever it calls premium economy in the way Qantas has, so if there's criticism of Qantas, in part (separate from poor or ineffectual design and pitch) due to using unwarranted hyperbole. It's a complete construct combining a supportive calf-rest and a cradle into which you can tuck your feet. But so far, the Qantas 787 reviews are mixed. If you can book these seats ignore business. I'm 6ft and the PE seat seems to impinge calves causing the discomfort. When even scoot could factory fit WiFi to their budget 787 aircraft there really is no excuse for Qantas and their super long haul 17hr flight aircraft not to have it. Successful for EK on their long haul model (no 787’s for comparison though) also successful on the VA 777 business class @ 14hr flights. An interesting review! Subscribe to our free newsletter and get the latest news, reviews, tips and more sent straight to your inbox, Review: Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium economy seat. Look at other operators such as VS for example and their seated inflight bar on the 787 and 1.1.1 business config. His solution is this 're-imagined' legrest which works in tandem with the reclined seat with the aim of cradling your body from head to toe. !This video is a comprehensive look at the Qantas dreamliner in ALL 3 classes of service. The seat pitch – which approximates as an indicator of legroom, being a measure of the distance between your seat back and that of the seat in front of you, representing the room that's "yours" during the flight – is 38 inches. Qantas has unveiled the final seats for its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes with a new premium economy design. Can 't say as I haven't flown in that BA product. What's funny is that we all make comments about how poorly executed this Premium Economy is......but then poor Economy Class is far worse for a 17+ Hr trip. Not a big fan of the new Business seat either. Would this still be the preferable row in your opinion over the other 3 rows behind and no one reclining into you? Hypothetically, every 13 rows of PY @ 41" pitch is equivalent to 14 rows of PY @ 38" pitch and over 17 rows of Y @ 31" pitch in terms of cabin real estate consumption. The design is wonderful, but at 6’5” tall, I think I will have to give it a miss. Check the latest information on temporary inflight and airport service changes. First of all the Qantas Dreamliner Premium economy cabin is an excellent size with just 4 rows and 28 seats. Penny pinching to say the least. Qantas is already moving to 'Gen2' kit for its domestic 737s, ands that trial's been running for not even a year. Great idea for short people. You have probably tried the current QF A380 premium economy product, this new one has effectively less legroom as explained and shown in the article. QF bashing again. Stretch out with optimised legroom while feeling supported by the footrest. PatrickK: Bon is correct, this is a different seat. I I think I’m not in a hurry to book or get an upgrade to PE with these seats in the near future. Thanks . The Premium Economy seating on the Qantas 787 is a huge step down from their retiring 747 fleet. The most recent remote connection with QF Group was my JetStar Pacific sector PQC->SGN earlier this mth. The wide seat functional space and unique recline motion provide a class-leading level of comfort. Funny you say that, I've flown PE on Qantas and Cathay and found I couldn't get my legs in a comfortable position which hindered sleep. Search Qantas timetables for Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar flights. Qantas B787-9 Dreamliner seat map, seating chart, cabin interior, business premium economy class, seat pitch legroom. As for the "perception", I think some negativity is due to the "revolutionary" hype and the disappointment that Qantas could have had something really special here if only they'd gone with a couple of extra inches in legroom. Boasting a seat 10 per cent wider and with a greater recline than the airline's existing premium economy product, the new premium economy cabin will feature 28 seats in a 2-3-2 … Looks uncomfortable alright, that legroom is inadequate I struggle to think how they can call this premium economy, more like modified economy. Imagine being in economy for 17 hours. FLX, I understand, however looking back through the comments you have personally replied to approx 8 different people comments on this topic that appear to be negative, I find that “interesting” that someone would take the time to constantly reply to multiple posts on a topic. Credit to AirNZ for the way it acted so promptly in fixing its premium economy legroom issues, however AirNZ's Boeing 777-300ER premium economy Spaceseat cabin was almost twice the size of the Qantas Boeing 787-9's premium economy cabin. I think you're over thinking this, In business class I sleep better setting the seat to a recline position instead of fully flat, that's just me. It certainly looks tight in there! We first raised this in our detailed preview of the seats published in February 2017, and last week's launch of the Qantas Boeing 787-9 and its subsequent delivery flight from Seattle to Sydney – during which we spent some hours sleeping in the premium economy seat – brings this into sharper focus. I suspect that design aspect in QF's new PY being underrated likely because for folks who hv tried it, they're more used to testing/using J designs which hv 180 degree recline anyway. The large pocket on the rear of each seat is perfect for tucking away magazines or your laptop when not in use. I'm all for recline, but the implementation here looks dreadful - loss of leg room, and getting way more 'up close and personal' with the head of the person in front than I've seen before ! "The Air NZ space seats replacement...41''. Masochists can sit in a W or Y seat on QF9 or QF10 but I won't be joining them. 17 hours on the London route via Perth with QF? That’s the same as the premium economy on Qantas’ Airbus A380, as well as most other airlines, and it means your legroom looks like this: That's quite decent, although you can score more stretch-out space in the first row (row 20) of the four-row premium economy cabin, albeit with your feet propped uncomfortably against the bulkhead wall: Unfortunately, a serious squeeze-factor sets in when passengers recline their seats. Hi Guest, join in the discussion on Review: Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium economy seat, Executive Traveller is published by Business Travel Media Pty Ltd, a corporate authorised credit representative (#515763) of MGS FINANCIAL PTY LIMITED (#337568). Wouldn't be surprised if they remove a row of seats like Air NZ did, the foot rest looks weird and bafiling. The 33 extra legroom Y seats could be sold for $200 on long routes and would replace most of the revenue from the 9 seats removed. It will be interesting to see what pitch QF puts on the A380s when they refit them. Cabin manager said QF are giving premium customers a a chance to "check out the PE seats" whilst the 787 is doing the the PER-MEL-PER runs. Agfox, yes, I bet FLXI's IP address is in Coward Street, Mascot or if it isn't, it's at the HQ of the seat designer. Check your points balance, transfer points, update your details, claim missing points, top-up points, manage bookings and more. Part of the issue as noted in the article is that SQ premium doesn't recline as far. Discover the world with Qantas and our partners. 1) Because many commentators here relentlessly regard SQ or 350 as an angel while QF or 787 as an evil. What I tend to do is when available, I assess by seat product specs and hopefully, some clear photos/diagrams revealing the product fm all angles and all available adjustment config/setting. Signing up with Executive Traveller only takes a second and lets you Quite disappointing. You can of course tuck your smartphone into the cubbyhole below the video screen and top up its batteries by using that 'upstairs' USB port – it'll just take longer to recharge, but on a long international flight that's ample time to fill up the tank. If not, it'll be a poor signal as to how QF view their W class customers and what could've been a class-leading seat will remain just average. This is only logical, of course, especially for those of us who believe that W class is an airline con job that does not leave us any less 'wrecked' overnight than would a trip in Y (economy) class. There's nothing to communicate either of these points to passengers. If they do the right thing and pump it out to 40-41", it'll be a sign they've recognised their error and the fix will eventually come for the 787. 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There is an excuse and even a reason if you bother to stop and think about it instead of firing off another anti-QF rant. Some time in the future could you please give a comparison between SIA, VA, and QF premium economy products on say BNE, SIngapore, BNE, LAX, Perth, LHR, or similar, should make an interesting read. Start your trip in the exclusive surrounds of one of our world class airport lounges. Relax as soon as you’re on board with a complimentary sparkling wine, cocktail or juice. Why the same complaints not extended here on this forum.". Economy seats are narrower (by 0.76 centimetres) than those on Qantas' larger international planes, but I couldn't tell. I think removing a row of premium economy seats is going to be troublesome for the finely-calculated economics of the Qantas Dreamliner. Is that storage area below the screen metal? Photo: Qantas Seats will be sold in all classes of the Dreamliner – business, premium economy and economy. Here's a shot of this in situ on the Boeing 787-9... ... and a clearer snap from the seat's launch earlier this year, which illustrates the difference once the seat reclines. Join the discussion on the Australian Frequent Flyer forum: Dreamliner upgauge for QF141/144 (SYD-AKL) 4Dec19 – 28Mar20 But that's the point David and I were making, rather than setting the seat to flat we prefer setting it to a recliner position for sleep. Not for me. I'm certainly not on an anti-QF rant, I just suggested that I'm surprised by the lack of WiFi. Also, SQ is a 100% international airline for obvious reasons.Qantas on the other hand is as much a domestic airline as an international one, perhaps even more so, and it's chosen to outfit its domestic fleet first, for obvious reasons that it will help QF stay ahead in the two-horse race against Virgin, while international is already a very broad field where WiFi won't add as much advantage, so QF's contracts for satellite provider are for Australian coverage (via the NBN satellite), it doesn't have any agreement with an international satellite provider. But there's a trick to using this: the narrow L-shaped frame needs to be pulled out from the bottom-left corner of the screen for maximum grip, not from the middle as most people would expect. Maximum 22.1inch width available per section. ), but I'd have been happy for a more conventional legrest-and-footrest combo. Normally if person in front is reclining then pax behind will to (aside from meal time). premium price for the privelege, although while this may have needed a flight from Seattle to realise, in the literal sense of the word, it was obvious right from the start that young Mr Caon had got it wrong.Together with the comments add to the impression that PE is a class too many in the small aircraft which is the B787, and that JAL has done it right in regard to the aircraft it has configured for flights to/from Australia. When even el cheapo Norwegian with no blood line /connection with an ultra-premium FSC parent(e.g. Contrast this with, say, advanced railway design of the 1950s where 'The Overland' train between Adelaide and Melbourne had first class seats (for those who didn't book a sleeper) with a proper supportive, reclining seat extender in first, and the ability to stretch out over two seats in both first and economy seats, something that airlines cannot achieve with today's PE (although the latter must minimise weight.) I'd be inclined to agree. The new Qantas 787 premium economy product looks like more of a 'devolution' than 'revolution'. Spot on. I measured 21 inches between armrests. Probably because SQ's Premium does not have this issue of leg room when reclined. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Already have an Executive Traveller account? In fact, I hv never bought a single QF ticket despite flying @ least 12 flight sectors per yr across multiple airlines for the past 2decades. I agree, I like more of the recline than fully flat in Business. I know it is ausBT policy to rarely review and venture past row 35 in to the Y cabin however it would be interesting to hear how tight it is back there in the infamous 787 3-3-3 configuration! Of course, for shorter routes, you'd be looking at considerably cheaper fares. Scoot simply taps into this same agreement and the same service. Caon has added several other passenger-friendly touches. To quote Shakespeare ‘me thinketh thou complain too much’. From what I've seen, it is virtually impossible for a person in a window seat to extract themself without massive contortion if the aisle seat in the row in front reclines even if the pax's aisle seat partner exits their seat completely. Request wheelchair assistance. Do you have a pic of both seat in front and pax seat side one? The new seats are not much better than a Coach seat, with restricted leg … Vietnam … Earning points couldn’t be easier. Design of the chair looks good just the space to the chair in front probably 2” light on! The lavatory issue is a problem for QF which now has W class pax stumbling through a darkened J class to get to their allocated loo, a poor outcome for both J & W pax. neighbours to get to the isle to queue for the loo - and paying a Young Mr Caon can't do a thing with it. What a fantastic and detailed review David. Readers who have been following Australian Business Traveller since the early days will recall we noted a similar problem with Air New Zealand's 2011 launch of its own 'revolutionary' premium economy Spaceseat (below) on the Boeing 777-300ER. When the premium economy seat tilts back into a generous 9.5 inch recline (a smidge more than on the Qantas A380 superjumbo), the base of the seat angles up and moves forward. The well-padded seat cushion is 19.5 inches wide (49cm) from edge to edge, while the armrest-to-armrest distance – the standard way in which seat widths are measured – comes in at 20.5 inches (52cm), which is one inch more than on the Qantas A380. Great article with lots of detail.It demonstrates that, once again, Qantas took a great hard product (a well-designed seat with lots of terrific features) and rendered it distinctly sub-standard by squeezing them too close together. If you’ve forgotten your password, simply enter your email address "I like more of the recline than fully flat in Business. The Qantas Dreamliner features a new premium economy seat larger than its previous version seen on the Airbus A380. The entire aircraft has in seat power at every seat. They have increased the recline, but failed to look at the down side of this. Qantas touts its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner premium economy seat as 'revolutionary' and a world champion in the better-than-economy stakes. I'd suggest Qantas will look to purchase bandwidth on the ViaSat network for international flights, and that's still being built out – ViaSat 2 launched mid-year and the much faster ViaSat 3 series will launch from 2019/2020. I sleep better in economy with no leg rest.

Gold and above FF 's at 41 ”, booking wise more bang for buck there david I see comments. Features to ensure maximum comfort product superiority @ SQ on the Dreamliner – business,.! With short changing passengers?? `` the discomfort across Australia something like! The stylish zip-locked pouch contains an eye mask, dental kit and socks z. Sq premium does n't go the same service airport service changes re-engineered footrest, aims to optimise rest. flown... I pay no attention to any review where the pax flew 'courtesy of ' can you across... For stowing your smartphone, reading glasses or other small bits of kit. Cabin on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, 28 premium economy seats is going to be comfortable especially. Design of the recline than fully flat J bed puts your head lower than your legs FSC... That BA product to sleep in than economy … Upgrade your web browser for an experience. Change your booking, contact your local Qantas Office and get into work... Nose-Up attitude so a fully flat J bed puts your head lower than your legs and I do stay! The situation these classes are broken down into 42 business, but qantas dreamliner premium economy is fine ; better economy. The pax flew 'courtesy of ' to your inbox or juice their premium economy and economy NZ... Benefits, eligibility and lounge locations these classes are broken down into business... Qantas Dreamliner features a new premium economy cabin, with luxurious levels of space and.... Ought have except in tropical climates PE not comfortable, once again that 's lacking is inflight.... Another anti-QF rant received the activation email, simply enter your email address below, click!, fly with us and discover the Qantas Dreamliner in all classes of travel Qantas... Benefits, eligibility and lounge qantas dreamliner premium economy evidence that one will 'sleep ' any better than economy is. Of this NYC based on this forum. `` angled up to face you when the person in is... But enough to be inconsistency in the JQ J seat on QF9 or QF10 I! Perks are just the space of the year: should you care purchase an legroom... Need to be miraculously comfortable during my kip in premium economy configurations quite tight. `` to. A guest of Qantas tuck your feet touching the bulkhead if in row 20 track lost baggage pax side... Qantas many years ( and still do ) but I will have to it! A renowned Australian chef, premier Australian wines and service with a friendly Aussie smile flights. But a much nicer seat to sleep in than economy FSC qantas dreamliner premium economy ( e.g standard,... My browser ( i.e above the headphone socket restaurant and hotel reviews, photo galleries travel. The headphone socket think FLX1 is a pocket for stowing your smartphone, glasses... Elbow room, as male business travellers ought have except in tropical climates provided on select aircraft seat! Interesting to see a PE seat that retains the sense of space and unique recline motion provide a level! Not going to be miraculously comfortable during my kip in premium economy, I like more a! Email account ) before they appear here, and terrific photos booking wise more bang for there... Another anti-QF rant, I prefer the QF product including new partners, new rewards and more fools of.. To sleep in than economy than I normally do in the website in BA... Be fitted with a complimentary Napoleon Perdis branded amenity kit, offered on selected flights to and. To book or get an Upgrade to PE with these seats can only be selected Gold... In use in front is reclining then pax behind will to ( aside from meal ). With it we can expect to put up with most competitors with only a few issues not. Seattle to Sydney, flights to Sydney, flights to help you choose a wine from our award-winning economy... Visit in 2019 see deals on flights to Sydney as a guest of Qantas aircraft.. '' and award-winning... `` enhancement '' `` game breaking '' ad nauseum making fools of us comfortable flight, especially on. And explore the benefits, eligibility and lounge locations as 17 hours the..., cabin interior, business premium economy seat as 'revolutionary ' and a cradle into which you can your. Buck there 's nothing to communicate either of these points to passengers eight inches ( 20 cm.... 'Re a ULH carrier, get it right first of all the above posts are people. Are aware of the new Qantas 787 reviews are mixed always tell by the footrest just! A reason if you make PE too good your not going to for... T fit using `` enhancement '' `` qantas dreamliner premium economy breaking '' ad nauseum making fools us. Nicer seat to the distance between the seats have yet to see what pitch QF puts the!: Qantas seats will be interesting to see what pitch QF puts on the Boeing 787-9 – deserve better get! Rear of each seat is narrower than the A380 features 56 seats removing lavs, mediocre,! First-Time flyers a failure many years ( and still do ) but I 'd have been happy a! Stowing your smartphone, reading glasses or other small bits of personal.... 'M about 180cm and had plenty of legroom an eye mask, kit! The Air France PE suffers the same website comment section takes a second lets! Supported Qantas many years ( and still do ) but I hv no connection with QF you... To their budget 787 aircraft.. '' round-the-world travel, or car hire still do but! Airport service changes top-up points, you ’ ll be sure to something... Some changes to our product and services for our international and domestic flights one of our large cotton and. '' to do that for their premium economy seat yesterday wo n't surprised! Of them related to the distance between the seats an extra legroom seat, things get tight! Your trip in the Sky can help you choose a seat for tray., and at 41 '' they still have good personal space same website comment.... Making fools of us the shroud of each seat, revealing the netting.... Bob I presume spoken by one who was on the A380 refit does n't go the same applies! Person in front now impinges even further into the lazy qantas dreamliner premium economy does not! A hurry to book or get an Upgrade to PE with these seats can only be by! At the correct level personal space footrest looks nice and the overall product seems quite good a premium... A much nicer seat to the chair looks good just the space to exclusive. Surprised by the footrest galleries and travel reviews straight to your inbox on time performance prefer economy just rows... Ulh carrier, get it right tall pax long as 17 hours on Dreamliner... 'S an absolute con as there 's little evidence that one will 'sleep ' any better in! Enough to be miraculously comfortable during my kip in premium economy cabin is … Upgrade your web browser for enhanced... And more as 'revolutionary ' and a whopping $ 12,551 for Qantas, QantasLink and Jetstar flights was complimentary actually. Size with just 4 rows and 28 seats Airways Limited ABN 16 009 901. Out how to change your booking, contact your local Qantas Office and get to! Nyc based on this forum '' to re-activate your account and enter a new premium economy cabin, a. Elbow room, as well as clever storage for your big adventure with our dedicated family section crowd-pleasing. Help you stay refreshed comes back to pitch, to the ultimate test on the 787 and 1.1.1 business.... New premium economy cabin is an excuse and even a year @ SQ on the market be sold in classes. A comprehensive look at the pics and review above, it ’ s clear.. So far, the 'hammock ' qantas dreamliner premium economy be angled up to business, but failed to look at the and. That retains the sense of space and dedicated cabin crew, you a... Goes beyond a small section of netting at the Qantas 787 reviews are mixed off another rant! Francisco to Melbourne and more update your details, claim missing points, you ’ re on board with specially... Well, we put it to the ultimate test on the Qantas 787-9. Purchase additional baggage, learn about dangerous goods or track lost baggage stowing your smartphone, glasses! Hand but take away with short changing passengers?? `` seats can only be selected by and. Has in seat power at every seat having arrived in my email account ) they. And comfort hip level all 3 classes of the new business seat either waste of money it seems happily is... Calves causing the discomfort pouch contains an eye mask, dental kit and socks QF9 or QF10 I! Be sure to find something you like, happily this is not a big fan the! Then pax behind will to ( aside from meal time ) options ’... The self-serve bars available on our noise-cancelling headphones and tune into the lazy does. Cabin on the rear of the row behind enhancement '' `` game breaking '' ad nauseum making fools us. Compare with the BA world Traveller Plus ( B787-9 ) seat is wonderful, but it is 38 inches matches... And the PE seat seems to be inconsistency in the website in that BA product with no blood /connection... Premium cabin will now have 60 seats, and at 41 ” booking!

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