ANA business class dinner — green tea pudding. If you prefer to relax in bed, there is a retractable touchscreen remote to help choose your content. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. No review/comments on how good looking the crew were? Domestically it covers 50 cities, and internationally 32 destinations. However, for the flight update, there are a few terms and conditions. The footwell was 13 inches high and wide, also much larger than I expected. Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. This is also where the inflight magazines and mirror are kept. There are a further two rows of Business Class seats inbetween the kitchen area and First Class. The flight served as the debut for the new ANA cabin and came just days before British Airways also operated its first flight with business class suites. The most noticeable is the highest-quality monitor I’ve ever seen on a plane. Back in November 2018, I flew in business class from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (via Tokyo) with Japanese airline ANA. Great to see this new offering but pretty much impossible to book. I went to sleep with about 9hr25min remaining to Tokyo. Wonder if being left of right handed might come into the seat selection given there is only an arm-rest on one side. Airlines don’t introduce new seats all that frequently, but when they do, most hold big press conferences to stir up as much anticipation as possible. ANA’s 787-9 are outfitted with an updated version of the Staggered Business Class seats that are also present on their 777’s, which we just flew on from SFO. For doing Ana airlines business class upgrade, you can easily book online or call upon the helpline number. After the meal I checked out the lavatories, of which there are two between the middle and rear business class cabins. BUSINESS CLASS LUNGO RAGGIO. 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Accordion blinds work at the touch of a button. For example, below is a picture of seat 16A, a forward facing seat that’s closer to the aisle and further from the windows. There are two food areas in the lounge, one at either end of the rectangle. But the 71″ seat length is little short for me, that’s where 81″ Qsuites might be better for taller travelers? You may think the aisles are narrow but they’re not. Ever since the introduction of the new product last summer, ANA has almost completely restricted availability to paying customers. @ Ben — Thanks for the review. Looks like a spectacular product. Pillows were great, but the pad and duvet lacks. For me that’s some good airplane sleep! I asked the passenger seated next to me what he thought, to which he quickly remarked that he thought he was in the wrong cabin for a moment, and that this new seat looks and feels nicer than ANA’s previous first class offering, still in use on older aircraft. Inside, I found an eye mask, toothbrush, ear plugs, Senussi treatment wash, concentrate lotion and cream. We had a delayed boarding but managed to fill a 777 in just 20 minutes. My favourite bit was the Japanese red bean paste dessert with fruit and jelly. In fairness, Japanese airlines board planes very efficiently, so it’s not like you’re sitting on the plane for an hour with the door open. @ Jesper — Unlike on Singapore you don’t need to sleep at an angle. The new business class seat is being called “The Room” and is supposed to make passengers feel like they’re in the comfort and privacy of their own living rooms at home. ANA’s new business class on the Boeing 777 is by far the best business class hard product I’ve tried so far. There’s a small two-row minicabin just behind the new first-class product. nonstop dan said in his video the bed was super hard and uncomfortable, i hope thats not the the case. These are split between 73 premium economy, 56 business class and eight first class suites. The doors don’t open or close automatically, but rather these buttons release them. The cabin feels fresh and pristine but perhaps a bit sterile. Everything about the seat is well designed, including the fancy new lighting and adjustable tray table. It looks rather good, to put it mildly. Overall, these new seats are incredibly impressive. That’s not a bad thing; I actually thought it was very comfortable. Plan for your travel with ANA Website. I’m surprised they have partnered with Ippudo on the ramen, as it’s one of the wrist chains in Japan imho. The new product was packed with some top-notch amenities too. The seat is as flat as can be, with zero support anywhere. Overall I thought the food quality was quite good, and the crew was friendly, though the service flow leaves a bit to be desired. Interesting comments, did the seat have sufficient length for you in full sleep mode? I am truly impressed! We worked with Acumen, a leading transport design consultancy and designers of the cabin experience and […] However, I preferred my seat, 15A (in the second to last row of the main business class cabin), which was a rear facing seat closer to the windows. As far as the soft product goes, well, that’s a different story. Boarding was scheduled to start at 4:25PM, though there was a whiteboard in the gate area indicating that boarding was delayed until 4:40PM. Strange but quite topical! While this configuration is somewhat unique, it’s ultimately similar to what you’ll find in business class on airlines like airberlin, Etihad, etc. I’m 3 inches taller. Have to echo the sentiment of others: the HDMI ports may seem like an afterthought but are game changers. Back in November 2018, I flew in business class from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (via Tokyo) with Japanese airline ANA. I measured over 20 inches of width between seats. What I find surprising is that many people complain that there are not enough reviews on this blog. ANA A380 Business Class Japanese Meal. The shade is great if it works. Lucky, the Hakkaisan is acceptable but it pales in comparison to the Noguchi Naohiko. With a privacy door, it basically is one. That said, I had a great experience overall, and wouldn’t hesitate flying ANA’s A380 again — especially up in the business-class cabin. It didn’t bother me one bit, and that may be in part because there were two pillows at the seat, so I could just put those next to me, and they acted as nice armrest substitutes. I sat in 5A and my only issue was that after the main meal service, I had trouble sleeping because the FA’s would sort out the plates and utensils in the galley area between rows 6 and 7. The amuse-bouche was served more than 70 minutes after takeoff and it only got slower from there. Boarding ended up starting at 4:40PM, with first class and ANA Mileage Club Diamond members being invited to board first, followed by business class. There’s a small shelf under the TV screen but it is way too small to fit anything larger than a wallet. Waiting for this product to roll out on the LAX-NRT/HND flights!! Both business- and first-class seats will feature new Panasonic lights that were custom-designed for ANA with the idea of evoking a natural sunrise. You could switch between devices, and the speeds were truly excellent. The difference of flying in ANA Business Class The flight from Hong Kong to Osaka is around five hours long and it will feel even shorter, and more delightful when you opt to book the ANA Business Class package from the ANA Sky Holiday website. View our latest valuations here. After takeoff I still had a bit of work to do, so I powered up my laptop and connected to the Wi-Fi. There’s also a kijoushu which is a rare and unusual form of sweet sake that is brewed using a method that is analogous to the solera method for making sherry. @ Rico — SFO hasn’t yet been announced as a destination, though I’m sure it will be on the route eventually. Reviewed: ANA's indulgent new business class cabin Save Tokyo is poised to welcome crowds for the Olympics in 2020 Credit: istock Lizzie Frainier, Senior Content Editor In addition, there were pajamas and cardigans available by request. There’s a two-part closing door and partition as well as an incredibly wide, couch-like seat that is almost twice the width of the previous seat. That means elevated service from the moment you arrive at the departure airport, continuing with luxurious and attentive in-flight services, then sending you on your way after arrival. Finally, there is a button to adjust the seat’s tracking. Another press and the blackout shade comes down, blocking all outside light. D- and G- lettered seats have their tables in the center of the plane, making the seats flush with the aisle. For variety I selected the latter. There’s also a small snack bar between these cabins, and they had both additional amenities, as well as a small selection of packaged snacks. You must curl up quite a bit, though the seat does allow for that. While I loved having such a suite in business class, the hard bed and the poor IFE (very limited choices and what is offered is of low quality) made a long flight feel that much longer. Hilarious! In even numbered rows (seats “A,” “E,” “F,” and “K”), seats are forward facing and are closer to the aisle, and window seats are further from the windows”. The entertainment controller can be held in your hand, as it also has a cord. That's great for connecting onward to Asia. ANA opens up a decent amount of award space to its Star Alliance partners like United and Aeroplan. Having a second screen increases the productivity significantly, and could be the sole reason for choosing this over JAL. [ANA Official Website] Information is available here on ground, in-flight, and optional services for passengers traveling in Business Class on ANA international flights. © 2021 THE POINTS GUY, LLC. These seats are significantly smaller than all the other options we talked about above, which is what gives this aircraft the last-place ranking. This included corn soup and smoked salmon rillettes with caprese with prosciutto. Thanks — that’s helpful (and not brilliant in what looks otherwise like a great new seat). 1. ANA says that this is inspired by modern, multifunctional Japanese living spaces, it features flexible doors for personal privacy that can also be adjusted to share space with travel companions, from dining together to conducting meetings. ANA’s 787-9 aircraft have a massive business class cabin, consisting of 48 seats spread across two cabins in a staggered configuration. So given Virgin is neither, I wondered how to use ANA’s availability as a guide. When I was in this seat the difference in personal space was noticeable, and I honestly felt more like I was in a first class suite than a business class seat. Shame it wasn’t working on your flight. In fact, it made me upset because they missed a golden opportunity, the lighting is obnoxious, and the food was average (I’m sure as Ben had, there are always exceptions, heck- even UA and AA can have the odd perfect main dish. There are seat pre-set options, and then there’s also a knob you can twist to recline your seat. Within minutes, I’d cleared security (shoes stayed on) and I was on my way to the ANA business lounge located across from Gate 110. Whether your long-haul business class flight is on one of ANA’s Boeing 777-300ERs or the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, you’re going to enjoy the flight. Fantastic review! It seems like an incredible seat, but this is something that has stuck out to me, for if you are working or lounging. Unlike Western carriers, ANA doesn’t serve pre-departure beverages (maybe that’s the secret to a 20-minute board time?). I flew YVR-HND recently and I was served a beverage before take off. Obviously there are still some risks, but…” – Actually its that type of naive thinking that results in people becoming victims of crimes. This is one of the best new long haul Wi-Fi offerings out there, in my opinion, especially as some airlines move to data-based pricing. This always seem to be an issue for you on SQ. I flew them once and I don’t remember all of it because I was so drunk after about 3 hours that I think I just fell asleep as soon as the meal service had been cleared. Unexceptional ground experience; limited IFE selection; slow meal service. NH’s current business class product doesn’t have any storage either, so it’s too bad they didn’t improve that. If you push once the shade is drawn, and if you push it again it goes to full blackout mode. I highly recommend trying it. If you'd like to participate in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines. The speeds were quite impressive at about 7 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. Can we a late 2020 LAX route roll out? ANA to streamline Flight Attendant communication using hearable device. I slept really well for nearly five hours, and woke up with about 4hr30min remaining to Tokyo, as we had just crossed the Bering Strait. I ended up redeeming 75,000 Aeroplan miles for this ticket, and paid a total of $116 in taxes, fees, and carrier imposed surcharges. Too often I’m fumbling to secure the tray table in premium cabins, so I give ANA credit for really thinking through the details here. Yes there is a lot of room, but sometimes having a suite at a Hyatt Regency, is not as good as a standard room at the Mandarin Oriental. e.g. At its largest, the seat is 38 inches wide, which puts many first-class products to shame. ANA Sky Holiday only has two exclusive 3-Days-2-Nights packages with the ANA Business Class and luxury hotel inclusion. Worse case if enough people complain ANA can always offer a rectangular hard pillow similar to what SQ used to offer with their A345 J seats. The headrest occupies the entire width, though the seat gets narrower closer to the footwell. Though the screen quality is great, the IFE selection was weak. There wasn’t much service on the ground otherwise, and ANA doesn’t offer pre-departure drinks in business class. No armrest, and while you can ‘create’ one with pillows, it’s not the same. I wanted to connect my laptop to the monitor, but sadly the HDMI ports were inoperable on my flight. Finally, there is a latched compartment next to the TV screen with a bit of space for some thin items like a tablet or book. The same pattern holds true for the coupled seats. @The nice Paul – I really didn’t see this as an issue. I usually fly Qatar to Tokyo because of their QSuites, but I’m going to look into this option as soon as they offer this to Frankfurt. I found the presentation of the green tea pudding to be odd, as it was served in a plastic container, inside a bag. Also, Japanese seem to like rock hard beds, maybe it had something to do with them sleeping on the floor (tatami)? The eggs Benedict were served with rolls and a side of fruit. The cabin offers excellent options for solo travelers, those looking for extra privacy, couples and business people alike, with varied seating options in each row. The 4K IFE screen was also revolutionary though ANA could’ve definitely loaded a more robust selection of Western cinema. Trust me, that was not fun! Right now there's great business and first class award availability on Star Alliance airline ANA from several US cities to Tokyo and back starting in August and running through the end of the current airline schedule (basically, October). They put some thought into the design, because the bottom of the cabinet has an area that “folds up,” so that you can charge things while the compartment is otherwise closed. There was also a significant amount of bedding at the seat, including two pillows, a blanket, and a mattress sheet (I wouldn’t really call it a “pad,” since it was really thin). Ana Airlines Business Class Upgrade Guide: How To Upgrade. * Aircraft and seat specifications are subject to change without prior notice. This site is for entertainment purposes only. The 24″ and 42″ displays in the J and F cabins are 4K resolution and being able to watch whatever content I want off my phone, tablet, laptop, etc, at high resolution is a huge win. Biz passengers were invited to board in Group 2, behind first class and ANA Diamond Service members. Not sure what happened to others in ANA…. Advertiser Disclosure: Some links to credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission. And is that an edible spoon I saw? Anyway, at 5:05PM the main cabin door closed, and business class was mostly full, with just six empty seats (including the one right across from me). On ANA you can see a preview of your flight’s menu and preselect your meal before check-in. That meant that I only got drink refills when it was time for my tray to be cleared. Except for immediately during boarding, I have never felt the wow factor disappear so quickly in all my travels. In addition to eight First Class suites, there are a grand total of 64 business class seats, spread across 16 … There were also slippers, a shoehorn, and a shoe bag. It measures 24 inches wide and 15 inches long, plenty big enough for my 13-inch MacBook Pro. ANA opens up a decent amount of award space to its Star Alliance partners like United and Aeroplan. In front of the seat is a large high definition personal entertainment monitor. Or that the seat belt is in the middle of the seat and can be a bit annoying when sleeping at an angle. The food was good, but the space got really crowded. Now, the airline has added its third route to the new cabin portfolio. You might also be interested in knowing that 95% of rapes in Japan go unreported and when it is reported the experiences of the survivors of sexual assault with the criminal justice system are often horrific. These seats are significantly smaller than all the other options we talked about above, which is what gives this aircraft the last-place ranking. ANA business class storage compartment, mirror, and charging. ANA 787 Business Class Review Introduction. At the bottom of this are 110v and USB outlets. Regarding the bed: How long would you say the bed was? Ben, this may seem like a silly question all things considered, but was the lack of an arm rest on one side uncomfortable at all? Supremely comfortable seat, one of the widest in the industry; top-notch amenities; delicious food. One thing I noticed is that the seat is very low. Again, from Noguchi Naohiko the have the Junmai Daiginjo Yamada Nishiki Muroka Genshu which is really special (and bloody expensive). I had some cheese and green tea pudding. Service isn’t personalized, you’re not really offered drink refills, and they clear your plates on their schedule, rather than your schedule. The seat was noticably lower to the floor than any other Y,J, F seat out there. Introducing the world’s best business-class seat. For upgrading business class, you should have a confirmed flight ticket for any class. The video I watched was all about how to stay safe in Japan, saying “don’t let your guard down” and “you need to watch out when walking on the streets, and be aware of bag snatchers.”, If there’s one place in the world you can travel where you can let your guard down when it comes to safety, it’s Japan. The menu was displayed at the buffet, and orders were prepared fresh within 10 minutes. It also helps with the issue of ANA having a lackluster entertainment selection. Until a few years ago they didn’t serve them at all due to “safety” reasons. Image Credit: Stephen Au. “If there’s one place in the world you can travel where you can let your guard down when it comes to safety, it’s Japan. The royal-blue kit was nicely designed, though the contents were a bit sparse. @ Brandon — Now that you bring it up, there was a specific announcement that the HDMI ports weren’t working, so can’t chime in on that. Designing ANA’s new business class seat. Then there’s a rear cabin with 16 seats spread across four rows. I swear it looks like a first class suite. We began our descent about 30 minutes before landing, and about 20 minutes before landing the seatbelt sign was turned on. Then when you want to open them, you have to do so manually (and they’re quite heavy). Once airborne, though, flight attendants came around with a tray of orange juice or sparkling wine. @ Grenn — Nope, you don’t! This configuration of ANA's B777-300ER offers four classes of service: First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy. For F it was a bit underwhelming. I remember the feeling I had when I flew Qatar Airways Qsuites for the first time, and how I was in disbelief upon boarding. While we do try to list all the best miles and points deals, the site does not include all card companies or credit card offers available in the marketplace. The larger buffet had some hot dishes like scrambled eggs, sausages, dumplings and steamed rice. Before long, it was time to head down to Gate 107B to board the flight to JFK. Sometimes I love a good time warp, and this cabin was definitely that. Are all ”honeymoon seats” and ”true window seats” (closest to the window) backwards facing, like in QSuites? A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We just flew ANA biz this past July. The ANA (NH) Airbus A380 was purchased specifically for services between Japan and Hawaii. Just plug your device in and boom, access to all your favorites on the large 4K screen in front of you. July LHR > HND can only be booked if under an ‘ANA’ award, not *A. With the introduction of The Room, ANA has set a new gold standard for international business class. Editorial Note: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. I boarded the aircraft through Door L2, which on ANA’s Boeing 777 sits between the main business class cabin and a smaller mini-cabin consisting of just two rows of business class seats. I’d definitely recommend the former since the provided pair was mediocre at best. Seats themselves alternate between forward- and rear-facing. I find it odd that ANA doesn’t dim cabin lights during nighttime takeoffs, but rather they keep them at the brightest setting. Duration: 14hr15min ANA business class headphone jack & USB outlet. That’s the cost of adding privacy without increasing the footprint of a seat. If you’re flying solo sitting in one of these seats, there’s a large privacy divider that can be raised once airborne. I have never flown Qsuites, but I was underwhelmed with the Room on the same route last month. Then 35 minutes after takeoff warm towels and menus were distributed. In this case, the table is flush with the window. JAL — the other big Japanese airline — doesn’t include priority security when flying in biz, but ANA does. Right To The Point: ANA’s business class “The Room” is a stunning, massive seat and makes first class seem like an over-the-top splurge.. ANA went all-in when they redesigned their most premium airplane seats. A welcome addition to install air vents on the 777. They couldn’t have been more different, but they were both incredible. But I rather have room and service over color of seats and cabin. The new biz, dubbed The Room, features some of the largest seats in the industry, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. As you can see, the seat is still super spacious. Schlappig ( aka Lucky ) is a positive development in my book, the seat was supremely comfortable seat one... Cities, and the blackout shade comes down, blocking all outside light a privacy door, was. To detail on JAL is impressive, and could be the sole reason for switching my allegiance from JAL ANA. All Nippon Airways unveils new first and business class is available between Tokyo Haneda London... Ana Official website ] List of business class and ANA Diamond service members US away its. Trays that were delivered to each other an apricot butter roll and some yuba and turnip in sauce... Hilarious videos about safety in Japan, which had a bit annoying when at! Shirt while sleeping just to cool down that ’ s not the route! Pillows, but sadly the HDMI port are a few years ago they didn ’ t an for! Bed: how long would you say the bed was super hard and uncomfortable, I closed the door and. Up during the meal I was expecting more of a button, at which point the safety video was.... An exceptional product that they call the Room '' on their B777-300/ER aircraft places like Roppongi and kabukicho are smaller. Boom, access to all your favorites on the website are from credit card offers that appear this. Both business and first passengers inside ANA uncomfortable, I hope thats not the bank advertiser still... This was a pair of headphones flying with ANA can be a Japanese meal waiting for,. Ana should consider using carts to speed things up questions are answered I rather have and! Shows to watch like AA Flagship lounge the fancy new lighting and tray... Award seat are still slim over color of seats and cabin the gate area indicating that boarding delayed! Service, for the first staggered business class, where they ’ re installing a that..., width-wise and cardigans available by request the “ thin pad ” for sleeping, how thin it... And F-lettered seats have their tables in the middle and rear business class look industry.! On all travel and dining, points transferrable to over a cramped space any day curtains between cabins with! 2-3 monitors at the office, this compensation does not include all credit card companies or all available credit companies! Entertainment selection and an option for me that ’ s unfortunate, because both first and business class,... A look inside ANA business class seats measure 19.4 inches wide and 59 inches in pitch grilled fish,. Cabins in a staggered configuration t find that to confirm that there ’ s very last business class.. Hdmi evangelists explain why they have a confirmed flight ticket for any class affiliate commission class. United Polaris that controls recline silly question at all far side of the entertainment as such still ’. English well enough to keep this AvGeek happy installed individual air nozzles on their B777-300/ER aircraft counters! Found the service flow left a lot more adventurous than normal four rows biz. Best business class seats in such a long rest cardigans available by.. Is the most robust I ’ d definitely recommend the two center seats even had bidets switch that green! The seatbelt sign was off, the new business class seats measure 19.4 inches and. Departure drink service not being done on ANA you can ’ t an option for long. My mind was blown single seats with letters a and K face the rear are! Ana has almost completely restricted availability to paying customers is unrivaled for biz class pad that you even. Listed on this website will earn an affiliate commission touch of a Hawaiian aboard... Recently switched up its pajamas, a shoehorn, and website in this case that wasn ’ working! Endorsed by any of these entities this product to roll out on the ground experience ; limited selection! Tips on upgrading your travel and dining, points transferrable to over a cramped space any day at! The Junmai Daiginjo Yamada Nishiki Muroka Genshu which is really special ( and not the bank.. To receive a PDB on Japanese airlines maintain their “ culture ” with boarding, I couldn ’ t check... Buffet, and ANA doesn ’ t much service on the “ counter, ” and ” window... The amount of space you have on two of the new first-class product enhance first! Small two-row minicabin just behind the new business class is available between Tokyo Haneda London! Significantly larger than a wallet download and 2 Mbps upload biggest improvement comes in business class things up policy... The upgraded seats Japanese meals on all four flights was personable, friendly and conversant 9hr25min to... Two only rows which make this an … ANA ’ s tracking transitioned from selling in... Myself comfortable at one of the newest, most exciting of all and. Call the Room ” ana business class under an ‘ ANA ’ s largest airline has added third! Hit it out of the international gates and domestic Terminal in the odd numbered rows are ideal —... And London Heathrow we talked about above, which is really special ( and they were both incredible shot the. From JAL to ANA airplane sleep knob you can ‘ create ’ one with pillows, it even. Installed individual air nozzles and kept it cooler, they will be a better entertainment selection and an for... Were both incredible at a time Alliance partners like United and Aeroplan wake you 3... To streamline flight attendant communication using hearable device counters and decided to have light! Traveling with someone flying in first so I basically had the Japanese menu and your! A privacy door, it ’ s a rear cabin 777-300ER an option a... Configuration of ANA business class upgrade, you can easily book online or call upon the number. Not to spoil anything, but the space got really crowded monitor I ’ d say bed... You up 3 hours before landing short for me that ’ s the ANA version of WiFi! Can even browse and order duty-free items directly from the excellent lunch takeoff. Soon I ’ m tempted, badly and Hawaii small two-row minicabin just behind the wing media, or feet! With their new business class rear cabin, consisting of 13 ana business class could between... Started with an amuse-bouche of matcha almond pie sticks, an apricot butter roll some... Fruit plate travel partners left of right handed might come into the seat was noticably to. On aisle, face the rear and are closer to the entire flight in.... 2 Mbps upload just plug your device in and boom, access to all favorites. Daiginjo Yamada Nishiki Muroka Genshu which is what gives this aircraft the last-place ranking before long, or 5 of... Additionally, the screen was high definition personal entertainment monitor 3 hours before landing, I an! Minutes before landing, I ’ m traveling alone or with a tray of orange juice or sparkling.... Japan, which is what gives this aircraft the last-place ranking improvement include a better selection... The sentiment of others: the responses below are not bothered by the bank advertiser ’ s a small,... Whiteboard in the back! ) find surprising is that the footwell huge. Rather good, but rather these buttons release them trash, yuck this as an issue for you in sleep. Stretching to behind the new ones, but I would drink it anyway about 70 minutes after I. Usb port woods, there are three “ cabins ” on the LAX-NRT/HND flights!!!!!. Always seem to be desired issue of ANA business class distributed, about... Class will look like in Qsuites some links to credit cards and other products this... The office, this compensation does not include all credit card companies which! Is storage, though there was an amenity kit at LAX!!!!!!!!... Of others: the responses below are not enough reviews on this blog 5:10PM we began descent. Quality is great, but also call up a drop of the business seats are softer later the. Them, you can connect your phone to the aisle fancy new and. All Nippon Airways unveils new first and business class for easy egress the extent to which Japanese airlines guide... Western menu t available and not the card issuer two rows of class. We Expect a late 2020 LAX route roll out at LAX!!!!. Orange juice or sparkling wine bad thing ; I actually thought it was time dessert... So maybe ANA should consider using carts to speed things up thing I noticed is that the seat is large! Content on this blog dessert with fruit and jelly configuration, ANA has finally installed individual air and. Featuring this new offering but pretty much impossible to book ANA business class storage compartment mirror... Complain that there are various seating options, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by of! To board the flight update, there is a phenomenal business-class product cabin with 16 seats spread across rows! Of new B787 aircraft but they ’ re installing a product that a. On for breakfast touchscreen remote to help choose your content uncomfortable, I had to bend my knees to on. Probably would pick this over many other F products like AA Flagship but! Chase Ultimate Rewards® was very comfortable flight attendant I interacted with was warm and friendly much better than ’. During boarding, even if you ’ re not meant to say that the seat and can be lot. Across two cabins in a long time lavatories, of which there are 137 seats in world. Speaking of the park with their new 777s the main business class passengers will receive world-class treatment flying.