If you want to visit in April, book well in advance! Many visitors to Japan will be heading to the main island of Honshu. Weather and prices. If you want to go hiking in Japan’s several mountain ranges, or to Hokkaido’s beautiful parks, June to August is the best time for you to visit, as the weather will be perfect for hiking! Winter in Japan can be a wonderland of white. When’s the best time to visit Japan? During this time of year, central Japan has a short rainy season, and some parts are prone to typhoons. Ski season is an amazing time to visit Japan and enjoy the snowy weather. Autumn is spring’s main contender for the best time to visit Japan. The best time to visit Japan to see the cherry blossoms is in April and May, when the trees are in full bloom and the flowers are at their pinkest. The best time to visit Japan is a subjective opinion, as it depends on what exactly the traveler is looking to get out of their trip, whether they are seeking to visit during the cheapest and less-crowded time of the year, explore specific festivities, or to experience some of the world-famous Japanese winter sports resorts. To beat sticky and humid temperatures, travelling in spring between March-May or autumn from September-November is ideal. This is when the weather is at its best throughout the country. As with everywhere, the best time to visit Japan depends on what you want to do. There is no real best time to visit Japan, as each seasonal change is not only seen throughout the national parks, mountains, coast and lakes, but also celebrated through a wealth of festivities. Thomson. The spring and autumn months are ideal as you will get the best weather available throughout the country. When is the best time to visit Japan? Kinkakuji temple and snow landscape, Kyoto, Japan Best things to do in winter in Japan. Besides autumn, April is often considered the best time to visit Japan because the cherry blossom season takes place in most regions of the country and the weather is pleasantly mild. However there is much more too in Japan in Winter. However, be careful because cherry blossom season only lasts around two weeks. The best time to visit Japan is in late spring (March-May) and late autumn (September-November), when you can expect for mild temperatures and low rainfall. Every 5 years or so the cities of Osaka and Tokyo may be blanketed with a week’s worth of snow. when is the best time to visit japan in autumn? When is the best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms? Autumn ushers in colorful foliage and comfortable temperatures. Cherry blossom season is the most spectacular time to visit Japan. First, do you wish to avoid the crowded, busy times, more expensive times, or hot, cold, or rainy weather? Japan is truly a country with four amazing seasons in which to travel. Arguably Japan’s most famous season, cherry blossom (sakura) season is one of the most magical experiences you can have in Japan. Travelers booking in early September will save big on flights , but might not experience the best weather . Perhaps spring is the best time to visit Japan for you! Shizuoka Sengen Shrine . Departing just as quickly as they arrive, cherry blossom season is notoriously ephemeral and fickle. Book now for spring or autumn 2020 and you’ll be laughing – not least because you’ll miss the summer rush for the Olympics. Remember, it can also be very crowded at this time. January; February; March; April; May; June; July; August; September; October; November; December; January; Visiting Japan in January. Please share your experience with us! Every month, our Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist Amy Tadehara brings us insider knowledge on how to access semi-impenetrable experiences, avoid crowds, and find hidden delights well away from those tourist-worn pathways. Without a shadow of a doubt, we receive far more inquiries for travel to Japan around cherry blossom season than for any other time of year. Remember, it can also be very crowded at this time. The best time to visit Japan is from late March to early April, and from September to November. Japanese thermal baths are an all-year-round luxury because many onsens are located indoors, the geothermally-enriched waters typically piped … The tourist areas of the city will be packed during this time. This is where Tokyo and Osaka are based. The best month to visit Japan is either November or April. Travel When is the best time to view cherry blossoms in Japan … They can start blooming as early as January in Okinawa and as late as May in Hokkaido! What do you think is the best time to travel to Japan? Let’s find out the best time to visit Japan for you! The Five Distinct Seasons in Japan Winter (mid-December – early March) The winter in Japan’s Kyushu, Honshu and Shikoku islands is typically moderately cold, with mountains on the east receiving large amounts of fresh snow. Ski Season 2019 – Best Time For Visit Japan For Skiing. The best time to visit Japan is during spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). When is the best time to visit Japan? Why visit Japan in autumn? Simply spring is a good time to visit Japan for the perfect climate and this is when the most tourists visit Japan. The first week or so is peak time for tourism in Japan due to the cherry blossoms. Domestic travel activity is increased in early April due to spring school holidays, in late April due to the start of the Golden Week and during most of the rest of the month due the cherry blossom season. Japan experiences four seasons and depending on the region you visit; the seasons can differ in temperature. March - May Cherry blossom season. Spring is the happy time when all the plants and animals start to grow. But it usually takes place from mid-December to early April. The autumn foliage is stunning, and the weather is nice, and even though it is a popular time to visit Japan due to the colored leaves it is still less crowded than spring. Spring (March to May) Let’s celebrate the new season coming with full blooming cherry blossoms and the warm & comfortable weather! These are Japan’s autumn, winter and spring periods and are when … Soak in an onsen (a natural hot spring) or visit the traditional villages dusted in snowfall such as Shirak awa-go. In February there is the famous Sapporo Snow Festival. Depending on your destinations, the best time to see cherry blossoms can vary. The best time to visit Japan in 2021 for the weather is March to May and October to November. Spring in Japan is pretty special due to the famed cherry blossom festival held late March, early April. The best time to visit Tokyo is between March and April and September and November. However, this is also the busiest time to visit Japan… The best time to visit Japan is during spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November). The best time to visit Japan is between March - May, and September - November. Mid-May to end of June sees fewer tourists and has great weather with very little rain. Best time to visit Japan, weatherwise: September to April. Unlike the wet, hot and humid months that precede it, November is an excellent compromise between warmth and dryness. What’s your favorite season in Japan and why? Read about Why The Japan Rail Pass Is Worth It for more information and why it’s such good value. If you’re going for the cherry blossoms, then end of March to mid-April is the time to go. The biggest reason is simple: the weather. We think it will help you select the best time to visit Japan. There is indeed fabulous skiing and the best time to visit Japan for the snow is late December to late February. Best time to visit Japan. When can I see cherry blossom in Japan? The best time to visit Japan. There are a number of environmental factors that influence exactly when the blooming will take place each year such as temperature, rain and winds. The date for Ski Season varies depending on each particular resort and weather conditions. Japan is 3,008 km (1,869 mi) long and has both subarctic and subtropical climates. Autumn (September, October, and November) is, in my opinion, the best time to visit Japan. Best time to visit Japan . The verdict: When is the best time to travel to Japan? The colourful autumn leaves can be seen in central Japan from mid-November until early December. This is when Japan is at its most vibrant, with delicate cherry blossom or bright red leaves adding contrast to the scenery. Best time to visit Japan 01242 386 483 01242 386 483 Call us to speak with a travel specialist. During the summer months (May to September), the cities are hot and humid, with heavy rainfall occurring across the country in June & July, except for Hokkaido. Many of the mountain passes are so deep in snow they are closed (even until early April). Your decision will depend on several factors. The best time to visit Japan for cherry blossoms is towards the end of winter to mid-spring for the majority of the country (late March through to early May). Conclusion – When is the Best Time to Visit Japan? D.J. If you prefer to indulge in adventure in the snow instead of adventure in the ocean, then you might want to schedule your Japan trip during January or February when the snow starts to really accumulate. Travelers from Japan face more restrictions amid new virus strain fears Ten surprises that await Japan in 2021 PODCAST. The best time to visit varies according to your ideal experience, and so do the must-see destinations and travel considerations. The cherries usually peak sometime in the first week of April and usually hang on until around 15 April (but fall earlier in rainy years). It’s a perfect time to see the snow monkeys at Jigokudani Monkey Park or view Mount Fuji. This is when Japan is at its most vibrant, with delicate cherry blossom or bright red leaves adding contrast to the scenery. Was there any time when you had a bad experience in Japan and wouldn’t recommend others to come to visit? Why visit in November? ? As we’ve explained above, whenever the best time for you to visit Japan, the best way to get around is by rail using the JR Pass. Definitely one of the best times to visit Japan. Weather patterns and temperatures vary across the country but generally, the best time to visit Japan is spring (March & April) or autumn (October & November), when days are sunny and dry. The best time to visit Japan in 2021 is dependent on what appeals to you. It’s also the time in which you can quickly nip over to Japan to try and catch sight of the beautiful cherry blossom (Sakura 桜). If you cannot stand crowds, the Autumn season will be a better time to go than the Spring season. Station Master Tama The Cat. A well-received break from the throbbing heat of summer, autumn gradually changes into winter with cooler days every week. travel tips. From New Year’s celebrations to the end of the year and the many spectacular winter light up activities, there is something for everyone, every season, every month! Second, what activities or events to do wish to When to go to Japan. You may also like. During the spring, the country is covered in swaths of cherry blossom trees, while autumn takes on a new palette as tranquil gardens and parks turn shades of red, orange, and gold. Best time to visit Japan. When is the best time to visit the hot springs? Overall, travelling to Japan in November is your best choice. Japan is a year-round destination, with interesting activities, attractions, and festivities throughout the year.. This is a question without a simple answer. Regardless, spring and autumn offer the best weather for exploring the east … Dive deeper into what this country has to offer with the Japan Travel Guide , and when you are feeling inspired to learn all the details, submit a Trip Request or contact us at 1-888-265-9707 , and get the perfect trip planned just for you. For the nicest experience, the best time to visit Japan is during Spring (March-May) or Autumn (September - November).
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