On the front the device has one blue LED status light that stays solid when it's powered up and flashing when there is data activity. The WD My Cloud Home features the company’s new two-tone, half-sculpted design motif that we first saw in the My Passport series earlier this year. #mergeRow-gdpr fieldset label {font-weight: normal;} Synology DS120j 1 Bay NAS DiskStation. This makes viewing even a small photo take quite a bit of time and makes it virtually impossible to stream video over a cellular connection. Just create a user account for that person on the NAS server, create an access code, and give the information to him or her. If we do have an issue with the My Cloud design it is that its chassis isn’t particularly rigid, but since this is a device unlikely to move, let alone be carried with you, it isn’t a major issue.Â. After that, the software will create desktop shortcuts to the server's public share and for its Dashboard Web interface. Unfortunately, unlike the Seagate Media app, which can organize digital content into categories (Documents, Videos, Photos, Music), the My Cloud App only supports browsing by folders and subfolders. It doesn't support a lot of digital formats for streaming, either. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. The name of WD's new Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit is an attempt to tap into the new-found consumer enthusiasm about cloud computing or, in other words, storing stuff online. Over the years WD has refined the My Book design and it translates well to My Cloud with subtle rounded corners and a clean, minimalist finish that suggests it could’ve come off an Apple product line. In this review I will talk only about the Setup desktop software and the My Cloud mobile app. The power to create restore points helps the My Cloud overcome the data safety shortcomings of a single-volume NAS server. The WD My Cloud is Western Digital's answer to the Seagate Central, which came out five months ago. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … This means you have a much bigger storage allowance than standard Cloud services, your data isn’t shared with another company and you only have to upload what you need with no monthly subscriptions. And even at its current stage, with a price tag of just $250 for the top capacity of 4TB, the My Cloud is a steal. Compare Item My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage (NAS)> Compare. So WD has nailed the looks, but just how good of an external HDD/NAS/Cloud storage wannabe is it? Easy to set up and manage, this two-bay NAS features hardware encryption, media streaming, remote access, useful apps, and solid data protection. The roots of the My Cloud come from WD’s existing My Book range of backup hard drives. */ Moving beyond backup services, the My Cloud has an onboard DLNA server and iTunes support, so it can stream media to … Macs will immediately see the My Cloud as an available destination for Time Machine backup and the My Cloud will also appear on Finder. The WD My Cloud Home gives you a central backup and storage location for all your PCs and mobile devices, but simplicity is a double-edged sword. The WD My Cloud is an extension of WD's portfolio of personal cloud hard. If you're looking for a fast, easy-to-use NAS server for your home, at the suggested cost of just $150 for 2TB ($180 for 3TB, and $250 for 4TB), the WD My Cloud is an excellent choice among single-volume network storage devices. But, as with any multifunctional device, there are limitations. The My Cloud mobile app require a lot of the mobile device's storage for streaming buffering, making it the slowest mobile app for this purpose. On top of that, while you can easily dig deeper into subfolders, there's no "back button" way to go back to the previous level of folder browsing, making it quite awkward for viewing content. Unlike the underwhelming My Book Live it replaces, the WD My Cloud is among the best in its class and the first from WD that includes an excellent personal cloud function. And that's not all: if you download the My Cloud mobile app (available for iOS and Android), the app will see the My Cloud and connect to it as long as the mobile device and the My Cloud belong to the same local network. The access code for mobile devices would be useful if, for example, you want your friend who lives in a different city to be able to share data with you via the My Cloud. This is no bad thing. No data redundancy but excellent backup feature As a single-volume NAS server, the My Cloud has no real-time mechanism guarding it against the failure of the internal hard drive. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. That said, though the app is very responsive and easy to use, for now it works best as a way to back up content from a mobile device to the My Cloud NAS server, rather than the other way around. This private share folder is only available to that user and nobody else. Like our top pick, the higher-capacity WD My Book has a low, 6 percent reported failure rate (judging from Amazon reviews), and it performed the best of the three 8 TB options we tested. We tested the 8TB, two-drive My Cloud Home Duo, whic… The best portable drive for your new Mac notebook, Fast, incredibly portable data storage -- with one missing piece, By For a low-cost entry-level network storage device, the WD My Cloud is very impressive both in performance and features, making it one of the best deals for home users. These support file downloads, edits and media streaming. The fact WD has released My Cloud in white is not an insignificant factor. (Note that the speed of data moving between the remote computer and the NAS server depends on the speed of the Internet at both the computer' and the server end.) The WD My Cloud delivers excellent file-transfer performance. Setup is a breeze The My Cloud is by far the easiest NAS server to set up that I've encountered; you literally just need to connect it to the power, hook its network port to a router (or a switch), and you're done. I have to figure out how to automatically backup my desktop computer's hard drive to the MyCloud. This is fine for videos but for music and photos, it's such a pain, especially when there's no built-in search functionality. As the names suggest, the WD My Cloud Home is a single-drive version, while the My Cloud Home Duo is a dual-drive version that’s configured in RAID 1 (Mirror Mode). WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra – Specifications and design The NAS is available both with and without hard disks. After spending a month with the unit, here are my … Bisset, By Download and installation was a breeze on my Windows 7 laptop. When it comes to its NAS aspirations the My Cloud is also relatively simple. From a Windows computer, you can browse for these share folders and copy data (such as digital content) over. WD has done a solid job with its My Cloud lineup. The My Cloud comes with some desktop software and mobile apps. On top of that, for the first time, home users can really expect from an affordable device the data speeds of a much more expensive NAS server. WD says that in the near future, it will also release a new version of the My Cloud that comes with more than one internal hard drive on the inside to support RAID configurations. The 'WD My Cloud' app is just ancient and not consistent with the modern Mac user experience. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WD 4TB My Cloud Home Personal Cloud - WDBVXC0040HWT-NESN at Amazon.com. The My Cloud … An alternative that I found quite interesting, and more suited to my needs, was the WD MyCloud. The device's only shortcoming is its mobile app, which could use some improvement, and I have no doubt that will happen via updates. At this speed, the server can easily handle multiple data-intensive tasks at a time, such as backing up multiple computers while streaming HD video to multiple network players. The bad The My Cloud mobile app's streaming function is very limited and can only display content by folders. (More on this app below.) Follow this topic to get notifications about new stories. When something happens, you can restore the server. The My Cloud's Dashboard Web interface is very well-organized and should be easy to figure out even for a novice user. The WD My Cloud Dashboard has the same user-friendly, dark and modern UI that is consistent across Western Digital's latest line of consumer networking products including the My Net … WD's My Cloud Home provides storage you can access with a smart TV, secures personal cloud data, and it looks good too. This is how we make money. The diskless version is £140, with 4TB (£260), 8TB (£430) and 12TB (£530) … The new network-attached storage server was worth the wait, however, offering by far the fastest speed among its peers and a host of useful features, while costing about the same as its Seagate counterpart. On the upside, the mobile apps bring support for Google Drive, Dropbox and SkyDrive letting users transfer and sync content between your ‘personal Cloud’ and any existing Cloud storage services you already use. The My Cloud Home Duo now features WD's Red drives, pictured here with two 8TB drives. As often is the case with even moderately technical equipment, you will find those who have a difficult … You can quickly download files from the NAS server to the mobile device or back up files, such as photos and videos, from the mobile device onto the NAS server. All DLNA-enabled network media player devices, such as the WD TV, will also immediately find the content stored on the My Cloud for streaming purposes. So if you use the My Cloud by yourself or share it with a group of people with no need for data privacy among themselves, there's really nothing to setting up the My Cloud, other than plugging it in and downloading the mobile app. The My Cloud comes with a small power adapter, a network cable, and a Quick Setup guide. It ditches more advanced features to concentrate on core functionality like support for DLNA and iTunes servers, UPnP, and FTP (though the latter is disabled by default) plus multi-user support to set folder access and permissions. The WD My Cloud (for desktop) app is available from WD's Learning Center site. Your friend then can download the My Cloud mobile app, run it, and enter the code. Top-of-class performance The most impressive thing about the WD My Cloud is its performance. And only music can really be streamed; other content needs to be first buffered (temporarily downloaded) onto the mobile device before it can be played back. CNET may get a commission from these offers. Advanced, yet not overwhelming personal cloud features The WD My Cloud comes with a handful of desktop software and mobile apps to enhance the user experience. Now, if you want to further customize the NAS server, that's also quite easy to do. WD My Cloud review: Best budget home NAS server to date - CNET This is particularly useful for any essential content you might want access offline since all My Cloud data is accessed on demand. I wanted to test it out for myself and called up WD for a review unit. Curiously, it still thinks the app version is "0.0.0", which says absolute programming … This interface provides access to all of the server's settings and features. The My Cloud mobile app's streaming function is very limited and can only display content by folders. Conclusion In the My Cloud, WD has combined data sharing, media streaming, backups, and a powerful personal cloud feature in a single compact box that everybody can use. The most interesting tab is Cloud Access, which allows you to sign up for a WDMyCloud.com online account for each user account of the NAS server, and to create an access code for the mobile device app. It’s got a 1.4 GHz quad-core RealTek processor, 1GB of RAM and comes with a two year warranty. They willingly obliged — being a tech journalist has its perks! This is a single-volume storage device that houses one 3.5-inch hard drive, which, like the WD My Book Live's, is not user-serviceable. The PR4100 is by far the best I have … The support for media streaming is also extremely limited: you can basically play back only the types of content natively supported by the mobile device. The body has a matt black finish that won’t draw too much attention to itself, and it … The My Cloud range is a line of external 2TB, 3TB and 4TB hard drives determined to pick a fight with both traditional NAS and Cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra 2-Bay Diskless Network Attached Storage (NAS) 5 / 5 (21 reviews) SKU: 977876. In other word, there's no extra setup or log-in needed to make the app work with the server remotely. This isn’t a problem for Windows or Android, but is a significant drawback for iOS. Returning to hardware, WD claims an unspecified ‘dual core’ processor provides it with the grunt to turn the tables on premium NAS. Is this a breakthrough product or too good to be true? Rebecca Dealing with the first of these is fairly straightforward. The device is very compact, just slightly larger than a standard desktop internal hard drive. These are both powerful features. Files can be … They are all very self-explanatory and useful. This means that … In short, a clever hybrid device we didn’t see coming. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WD 3TB My Cloud Personal Network Attached Storage - NAS - WDBCTL0030HWT-NESN at Amazon.com. 9.10 / 10. Note that I tested the My Cloud and its apps prior to their launch, and things can be better in the final version of a product. © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. #mergeRow-gdpr {margin-top: 20px;} Some of new feature are nice but making the usb a backup a separate app in a browser was dumb that should stay integrated, the needing double the resources to perform the tasks is ridiculous , the media server twonky app does give more usability again the doubled resources is not worth it.Between this and what wd pulled with the Red drives I am done with westerndigital … This means you can just drag and drop files between the computer and the server as though the two were on the same local network. The restriction is the apps have no integrated media player so playback is limited to formats your device supports. In my testing, over a Gigabit Ethernet connection, the server offered a sustained speed of 67MBps for writing and 87MBps for reading, both being significantly faster than any of its peers. The installer places a WD My Cloud … WD could probably sell even more My Clouds if the company gave you a price break on the actual storage; populated versions of the EX2 Ultra retail for the same price as buying one empty and populating it yourself with the same WD Red hard drives. But because of the unusual way drives are mounted (with bearing-head screws that fit in slots at the top of the bays), installing 2.5-i… You won't need much help with the setup process, however. The WD My Cloud Home is a network-integrated portable hard drive that allows you to operate your own personal cloud. On the back are a Gigabit Ethernet port, a USB 3.0 port, and the power connection port. Find out more in our My Cloud Home Personal Cloud review. For the first time a single-volume NAS server offers a data rate rivaling that of more advanced, multiple-volume servers. Jennifer There is also a USB 3.0 port for connecting additional storage or initiating direct downloads from cameras but, perhaps surprisingly, this doesn’t support printers or network connectivity. Now he or she can use the My Cloud without ever having to be anywhere near the server, physically.
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