CS_MP_GRACE_LANCING When i try to spawn one, the new is invisible. RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_ is RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_01 2) I didn't catch this part of the painting fully when I went to grab my arrowhead but when I first saw it again in the thread posted above, I thought it was the whiskey tree. RDR2 - SADIE 2.0 MOD! A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_SpottedTricolor That's a shame. videogame_asset My games. Spawn any ped, including custom addon ones Change your playermodel to any model, including custom addon ones Free Camera with the ability to shoot In addition to using motion capture to record the performances, Rockstar Games also used cameras to record their facial reactions for later animation; … (edited). It's weird they walking around in thick winter clothing in the middle of Rhodes. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMAL is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMALES_01 Do you guys know what is the ped name for Rachel, the seal brown thoroughbred? Çıplak yüzen yabancı için ped modelini bilen var mı? How can I play as a male elk with antlers as well as male moose? CS_DisguisedDuster_01, 02, 03, CS_DusterInformant_01 and CS_UNIDUSTERJAIL_01 - What are these? CS_MP_MOONSHINER does anyone know how to spawn the western bull moose or which trainer would allow me to do that? Posted September 3, 2020 And the numbers at the end of the code, example 01, is that the "outfit"? I also can't get the gypsy cob to work at all, no combination I've tried works/makes it show up in the list. RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_ is RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_01 Posted January 2, 2020   You cannot paste images directly. The A_C_Elk_01 and A_C_Moose_01, are only female models, Is there a certain code for it? A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_RoseGrey Which ped is the most beautiful? (edited). Actually this is incorrect. Powered by Invision Community I mean Buell horse from quest. Red Dead Redemption 2 cheats, codes list for Infinite Ammo … Jump to content. Is there any code for it? . Beau & Carmela). i've seen on videos you can attack, jump and fly as an animal and bird but i can't attack, jump and fly. A few of the ped names seem to be cut off though: (edited), I can't find horse cremello gold dutchwarmblood. Can you do these ones as well while you're at it? RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALE is RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01 I got the Norfolk Roadsters to work aswell after some puzzling! Does anyone know where I can find a list of all the component hashes of all the pedestrians outfits for example just finding the head hash for one specific character to mix and match outfits kind of like outfit changer but with story mode content and not multiplayer? MP_PREDATOR I can't seem to find them (except for the newest ones, e.g. I would love to spawn in a horse that looks like Baylock or John's 1899 horse, A_C_Horse_Gang_Micah and A_C_Horse_John_EndlessSummer, I can’t find Bonnie on the Red dead redemption 2 PS4 save editor, bonjour, avez vous les chevaux de la mise a jour naturalist. I believe it is this one A_C_Horse_John_EndlessSummer. A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_SpeckledGrey (edited), does anyone know the ped model for madam nazar? Paste as plain text instead, × RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALE is RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALES_01 A_C_Horse_Mustang_Buckskin, A_C_Horse_Mustang_ChestnutTovero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_RedDunOvero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_BlackOvero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_DappleGrey, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BlackTovero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BlueRoan, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BuckskinBrindle, What are the requirements for the new horses? × CS_MP_HANS CS_FRANCIS_SINCLAIR - Does he spawn as a baby or adult? RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_0 is RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_01, Posted December 27, 2019 Red Dead Redemption 2 - How to play as animals or other | … On 12/30/2019 at 7:49 PM, Cooper322 said: On 12/25/2019 at 6:27 AM, RCPisAwesome said: On 12/21/2019 at 10:41 PM, Giantboy said: On 12/21/2019 at 11:41 PM, Giantboy said: On 6/4/2020 at 11:38 PM, MurderMittensNL said: On 6/6/2020 at 2:22 AM, AlmostLucky said: On 6/15/2020 at 11:27 PM, MurderMittensNL said: On 8/26/2020 at 5:25 AM, QuaifeSequential said: On 17.07.2020 at 03:09, MadafakingJones said: On 12/25/2019 at 12:27 AM, RCPisAwesome said: On 9/22/2020 at 3:43 PM, thefanny251 said: On 3/20/2020 at 6:46 PM, DauntlessYT said: it? Display as a link instead, × CS_DaveyCallender - Same model as his corpse at the start of the game?. If there was a way to pull all screenshots easily that would be amazing, most of them we have a fairly good idea what they will be but it's good to confirm anyways. hey can someone tell me all the ped names of the van der linde gang? I don't seem to be in the list, I can't find... Found it, but he is without personal belongings and not hunchback_((. Whats Gene "Beau" Finley , Carmela Montez and Sacrigelious Cult model names? CS_MP_OLDMAN_JONES CS_MP_LANGSTON apart from that everything ells is working grate :), have someone know Mountain Ram? ... Change Ped Model; Change Ped Outfit; Ped Scale; Adjust Ped Core Values (Health, Stamina, Dead Eye) Visit our new database of RDR2 ped models here: https://www.mod-rdr.com/wiki/peds/, Any way to change Sadie’s clothing? RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALE is RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01 A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_PiebaldRoan I'm specifically looking for Teddy Brown (the big armored dude).   Pasted as rich text. This is because 1. obviously there were a bunch of things hanging off of it and 2. the animals next to the tree in the painting are all species that you find RIGHT around there: pronghorn, deer, bison. Clear editor. And also I got 3 folders and I put them in my 'Red Dead Redemption 2' Folder settings. Clear editor. MP_G_M_M_ANİMALPOACHERS_01, MP_U_M_M_BUYER_SPECIAL_01 List of known ped models so far for RDR 2. An dumb ass john out of my game forever, Posted February 13, 2020 Complete list of all RDR 2 object names. Anyone know how to get around invisible models of Maggie and Lem? Best bet might be to copy as text from here and then use Excel or something similar to split by whitespaces. Red Dead Redemption 2 Clothes Database by www.mod-rdr.com CS_MP_SHERIFFFREEMAN   You cannot paste images directly. A_C_Horse_HungarianHalfbred_LiverChestnut, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_SableChampagne, A_C_FishRainbowTrout_01_ms  - Assume this is now Steelhead Trout, A_C_SharkHammerhead_01 - Assume this is what was found on Guarma, A_C_SharkTiger - Assume this is what was found on Guarma, Can you pls tell what the ped model name for the kkk guys is, and all legendary animals (white bison, white elk...). Posted January 12, 2020 Thanks, nvm I see it now, sorry. Paste as plain text instead, × Checking out the first script mod called Lenny's Simple Trainer by LMS. please? or is she gonna be harder to find then in online lol, I'm also curious about online (horses) - the criollo's work, but for the Norfolk Roadsters this doesn't work: A_C_Horse_NorfolkRoadster_DappledBuckskin Except for the Tatanka Bison and the Bull Gator, they're all outfit variants. RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALE is RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALES_01 RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_0 is RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_01. Could anyone tell me the name of the naked lady in secret scene of the mission that drinking with Lenny? By LMS (edited) December 1, 2019; ... Redemption Theme by Sam and Sniper296. MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_0 is MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_01 MP_U_F_M_BUYER_DEFAULT_01. How do I get all of the MP_A_C animals to work? Zolika1351's Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer; Zolika1351's Red Dead Redemption 2 Trainer. Please help me find the name of the tramp, which the fortune-teller-beggar with a stick and a mug, is found in random places on the road. need info for legendary animals. (edited), new peds  "Change the numbers at the end and try" FYI you can make animals as bodyguards using Lenny's trainer, can we get a micah in his regular clothes? sexy ini file 14436 downloads. Do you have the ones for the Norfolk Roadster by any chance? RE_RALLYSETUP_MALES_01 Scripts ; By bolmin70; Do you guys know what is the ped name for Rachel, the seal brown thoroughbred is? Same with the new multiplayer animals, for example,   MP_A_C_Panther_01 I can only play as the black panther model but when I spawn it under spawn peds i can spawn the other colors and the leopard. CS_MP_REVENGE_MARSHALL MP_G_F_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, Heyy! Can somebody spawn these and see what they are, in particular the horses.. Anyone know the animal ped name of the Opossum and Collared Peccary Pig? You can post now and register later. CS_MP_BONNIE Hi mate, do you know what the KKK member model is called I need it as I'm making a youtube vid on the. I want to see all of the multiplayer legendary animals up close in single player which I assume are the MP_A_C animals because they have a new set of options in the outfit changer, but they're all invisible. Give me some beauty ideas thank you! CS_MP_CLIFF Somebody please upload screenshots, at least for the more obscure peds eg. RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_FEMALES_ is RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_FEMALES_01 If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Anyone know the ped model for Bertram from the stranger side mission the smell of grease paint? Games. Does anyone know already the ped models of new  horses from online? Now that Rockstar's Western epic has come to PC, that means a wide range of creative Red RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_0 is RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_01 If you can’t live without RDR2 game, you should definitely try our Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Mods.We have selected a great variety of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online game Mods free examples, which can be an important boost to your game. Followers 1. list List of Object models in RDR2. It is listed as a "silver bay thoroughbred" and if you look carefully you can see the initials JM … Miscellaneous ; By zartzurt456; 4.2MB ; 261-- View mod page; View image gallery; Horse Holster. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. I mean Buell horse from quest. Is there any way I can easily get a text or spreadsheet version of this? Mustangs and fox trotters? Europe (metapod) • modrdr • RID ea49727b2ebe8a02252505bd2be5971f • CS_MP_CRIPPS Are you aware of any other names for peds like John or Dutch and how I can get their different outfits from the chapters throughout the game? CS_MP_THE_BOY This is a port of GTA V SimpleGangWar script.Since most functions and methods are the same between GTA5 and RDR2, and the language used is … CS_MP_WENT. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMAL is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMALES_01 But I can't change my player model to legendary panther. Dutch to Micah. RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES is RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES_01 Characters are the driving force behind the narrative of Red Dead Redemption 2 and include the various personalities and figures the player may and will encounter throughout their time in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats: Every cheat code available to … been looking everywhere to play as her character. The new version of the trainer can spawn PEDs with specific outfits. Anyone find it? It spawns the horse with a main & tail but the body is invisible.. Can anyone help? CS_MP_CAMP_COOK Fear of Dark PEDs MP_A_F_M_SALOONPATRONS_01 The player invincible command works very inconsistently during missions, so because of the low npc character health its pretty impossible to do missions with them right now...Any fix for this incoming? CS_MP_LEE If you've ever wanted to play as a wolf, soar in the skies as an eagle or have a personal bodyguard, then this is the mod for you. Upload or insert images from URL. Updated the database with more muitplayer names. CS_MP_HENCHMAN CS_MP_CRIPPS_JB Each Red Dead Redemption 2 game Models and Textures mods free example is solving a certain issue, so there are many available options. Controls Blips Markers Data files Game events Gamer tags Ped models Profile Settings; Support; Client FAQ Client issues Server debugging Server issues Bans … (edited), Can I change not the main character but any character to another? Does anyone know what the legendary animal ist files are? Games. The rest of the outfits are clothed saloon girls from that mission, with and without Lenny's face. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. xx, Hello hello! LMS Trainer ini file w/ All Guns, All Actions, More Models. (edited), What are the controls to turn into the animals? MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_03 (03 - 09) (yeni 500 ped) Hello! RE_RALLYDISPUTE_MALES_01, Posted December 30, 2020 Im currently using Rampage and I can't spawn any of them . anyone know the model for the golden palomino tennesee walker? What about the egret variations? Upload or insert images from URL. Not the one with Lenny's face Thanks, Great list, it was very helpful! Ped Damage Overhaul at Red Dead Redemption 2 Nexus - Mods … Posted August 31, 2020 Upgrade your favorite game with Red Dead Online Mods and explore all kinds of new features. Does anybody know the ped model for the swimming naked stranger? That seemed to have fixed it! RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS is RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS_MALES_01 RDR 2 SimpleGangWar script. Does any one know any of the PED ID's for the Online story characters? Background. It's A_C_Horse_Buell_WarVets, Great list, it was very helpful! 740. This is a list of all the known vehicle models so far in Red Dead Redemption 2. Also, you need to put everything from the ZIP file into the base folder (it'll be something like /Program Files/Red Dead Redemption 2/, not the one in My Documents). RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_ is RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_01 CS_MP_HORLEY Does anyone know the id of the marble fox? Lets you swap one model with another. i would like to know this too, a wild guess but try for example: It would be great If we could stable gang horses without disappearing or reversing to Kentucky or Morgan. Red Dead Redemption 2. close. Adds a holster to your saddle, so that the rifle and bow aren't magically floating by your saddle. Somone here knows the ped name of the mummy? U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01, use this only for scientific purposes, have fun. Download the mod and extract SimpleGangWar.cs & SimpleGangWar.ini in Red ... You can set the ped models to spawn for each team by modifying the .ini file, where there are two "Models… The Gator is AC_Alligator_02 (I believe) and the Bison has its own model name. Cannot load Harriet Davenport, when spawned she's invisible. I found more horses. MP_A_M_M_SALOONPATRONS_01, MP_A_M_M_MOONSHINEMAKERS_01   Your previous content has been restored. Thanks. Heyy! does anyone know Madam Nazars pedestrian hash? Can somebody spawn these and see what they are, in particular the horses.. Also, spawning Gus Macmillan crashes the game. I found another horse model that is not here, this is Horley's horse from the online mode a_c_horse_americanstandardbred_lightbuckskin, can you find horse actions like laying down i like to play as animals on story mode and laying down rolling on the back would be cool if you can find the actions that would be awesome, Posted November 3, 2020 DE • no GDPR false • adFree? Red Dead Redemption 2 - How To Play As ALL Animals, Gang Members, SECRET Characters & MORE! Is Arhtur on the list, i can´t find him, pls tell me where he is, i wan to play as him after the campaign, Arhtur è nella lista, non riesco a trovarlo, per favore dimmi dove si trova, voglio giocare come lui dopo la campagna, That ain´t arthur, i cannot see him on the list, if you find him pls comment him pls, Non è Arthur, non riesco a vederlo nell'elenco, se lo trovi ti preghiamo di commentarlo. US • no GDPR true • adFree? two-headed skeleton - obese woman - tiny arm swamp guy etc. RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_ is RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_01 The game features 1,200 actors, 700 of whom share the game's 500,000 lines of dialogue. Might anyone know the ped models of all the Legendary Bounties from MP? A_F_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01, A_F_M_ARMTOWNFOLK_01, A_F_M_ArmTownfolk_02, A_F_M_AsbTownfolk_01, A_F_M_BiVFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_BlWTownfolk_01, A_F_M_BlWTownfolk_02, A_F_M_BlWUpperClass_01, A_F_M_BtcHillbilly_01, A_F_M_BTCObeseWomen_01, A_F_M_BynFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_F_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_F_M_GaMHighSociety_01, A_F_M_GriFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_GuaTownfolk_01, A_F_M_HtlFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_LagTownfolk_01, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_01, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_02, A_F_M_LowerSDTownfolk_03, A_F_M_LOWERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_01, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_02, A_F_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_03, A_F_M_MIDDLETRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_NbxSlums_01, A_F_M_NbxUpperClass_01, A_F_M_NbxWhore_01, A_F_M_RhdProstitute_01, A_F_M_RhdTownfolk_01, A_F_M_RhdTownfolk_02, A_F_M_RhdUpperClass_01, A_F_M_RkrFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_ROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_F_M_SclFancyTravellers_01, A_F_M_SDChinatown_01, A_F_M_SDFancyWhore_01, A_F_M_SDObeseWomen_01, A_F_M_SDSERVERSFORMAL_01, A_F_M_SDSlums_02, A_F_M_SKPPRISONONLINE_01, A_F_M_StrTownfolk_01, A_F_M_TumTownfolk_01, A_F_M_TumTownfolk_02, A_F_M_UniCorpse_01, A_F_M_UPPERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_F_M_ValProstitute_01, A_F_M_ValTownfolk_01, A_F_M_VhtProstitute_01, A_F_M_VhtTownfolk_01, A_F_M_WapTownfolk_01, A_F_O_BlWUpperClass_01, A_F_O_BtcHillbilly_01, A_F_O_GuaTownfolk_01, A_F_O_LagTownfolk_01, A_F_O_SDChinatown_01, A_F_O_SDUpperClass_01, A_F_O_WAPTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_M_ARMCHOLERACORPSE_01, A_M_M_ARMDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_ARMTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_M_armTOWNFOLK_02, A_M_M_ASBBOATCREW_01, A_M_M_ASBDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_AsbMiner_01, A_M_M_ASBMINER_02, A_M_M_ASBMINER_03, A_M_M_asbminer_04, A_M_M_AsbTownfolk_01, A_M_M_ASBTOWNFOLK_01_LABORER, A_M_M_BiVFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_BiVFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_BiVRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_BiVWorker_01, A_M_M_BlWForeman_01, A_M_M_BlWLaborer_01, A_M_M_BlWLaborer_02, A_M_M_BLWObeseMen_01, A_M_M_BlWTownfolk_01, A_M_M_BlWUpperClass_01, A_M_M_BtcHillbilly_01, A_M_M_BTCObeseMen_01, A_M_M_BynFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_BynFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_BynRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_BynSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_CARDGAMEPLAYERS_01, A_M_M_CHELONIAN_01, A_M_M_DELIVERYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_deliverytravelers_warm_01, A_M_M_DOMINOESPLAYERS_01, A_M_M_EmRFarmHand_01, A_M_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_FAMILYTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_FARMTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_FARMTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_FiveFingerFilletPlayers_01, A_M_M_FOREMAN, A_M_M_GaMHighSociety_01, A_M_M_GRIFANCYDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_GriFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_GriRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_GriSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_GuaTownfolk_01, A_M_M_HtlFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_HtlFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_HtlRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_HtlSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_huntertravelers_cool_01, A_M_M_HUNTERTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_JamesonGuard_01, A_M_M_LagTownfolk_01, A_M_M_LowerSDTownfolk_01, A_M_M_LowerSDTownfolk_02, A_M_M_LOWERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_01, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_02, A_M_M_MiddleSDTownfolk_03, A_M_M_MIDDLETRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_MOONSHINERS_01, A_M_M_NbxDockWorkers_01, A_M_M_NbxLaborers_01, A_M_M_NbxSlums_01, A_M_M_NbxUpperClass_01, A_M_M_NEAROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_RANCHER_01, A_M_M_RANCHERTRAVELERS_COOL_01, A_M_M_RANCHERTRAVELERS_WARM_01, A_M_M_RHDDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_RhdForeman_01, A_M_M_RHDObeseMen_01, A_M_M_RhdTownfolk_01, A_M_M_RHDTOWNFOLK_01_LABORER, A_M_M_RhdTownfolk_02, A_M_M_RhdUpperClass_01, A_M_M_RkrFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_RkrFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_RkrRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_RkrSurvivalist_01, A_M_M_SclFancyDRIVERS_01, A_M_M_SclFancyTravellers_01, A_M_M_SclRoughTravellers_01, A_M_M_SDChinatown_01, A_M_M_SDDockForeman_01, A_M_M_SDDockWorkers_02, A_M_M_SDFANCYTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_SDLaborers_02, A_M_M_SDObesemen_01, A_M_M_SDROUGHTRAVELLERS_01, A_M_M_SDSERVERSFORMAL_01, A_M_M_SDSlums_02, A_M_M_SkpPrisoner_01, A_M_M_SkpPrisonLine_01, A_M_M_SmHThug_01, A_M_M_STRDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_STRFANCYTOURIST_01, A_M_M_StrLaborer_01, A_M_M_StrTownfolk_01, A_M_M_TumTownfolk_01, A_M_M_TumTownfolk_02, A_M_M_UniBoatCrew_01, A_M_M_UniCoachGuards_01, A_M_M_UniCorpse_01, A_M_M_UniGunslinger_01, A_M_M_UPPERTRAINPASSENGERS_01, A_M_M_VALCRIMINALS_01, A_M_M_VALDEPUTYRESIDENT_01, A_M_M_ValFarmer_01, A_M_M_ValLaborer_01, A_M_M_ValTownfolk_01, A_M_M_ValTownfolk_02, A_M_M_VHTBOATCREW_01, A_M_M_VhtThug_01, A_M_M_VhtTownfolk_01, A_M_M_WapWarriors_01, A_M_O_BlWUpperClass_01, A_M_O_BtcHillbilly_01, A_M_O_GuaTownfolk_01, A_M_O_LagTownfolk_01, A_M_O_SDChinatown_01, A_M_O_SDUpperClass_01, A_M_O_WAPTOWNFOLK_01, A_M_Y_AsbMiner_01, A_M_Y_AsbMiner_02, A_M_Y_ASBMINER_03, A_M_Y_ASBMINER_04, A_M_Y_NbxStreetKids_01, A_M_Y_NbxStreetKids_Slums_01, A_M_Y_SDStreetKids_Slums_02, A_M_Y_UniCorpse_01, CS_abe, CS_AberdeenPigFarmer, CS_AberdeenSister, CS_abigailroberts, CS_Acrobat, CS_adamgray, CS_AgnesDowd, CS_albertcakeesquire, CS_albertmason, CS_AndersHelgerson, CS_ANGEL, CS_angryhusband, CS_angusgeddes, CS_ansel_atherton, CS_ANTONYFOREMEN, CS_archerfordham, CS_archibaldjameson, CS_ArchieDown, CS_ARTAPPRAISER, CS_ASBDEPUTY_01, CS_ASHTON, CS_balloonoperator, CS_bandbassist, CS_banddrummer, CS_bandpianist, CS_bandsinger, CS_baptiste, CS_bartholomewbraithwaite, CS_BATHINGLADIES_01, CS_BeatenUpCaptain, CS_beaugray, CS_billwilliamson, CS_BivCoachDriver, CS_BLWPHOTOGRAPHER, CS_BLWWITNESS, CS_braithwaitebutler, CS_braithwaitemaid, CS_braithwaiteservant, CS_brendacrawley, CS_bronte, CS_BrontesButler, CS_brotherdorkins, CS_brynntildon, CS_Bubba, CS_CABARETMC, CS_CAJUN, CS_cancan_01, CS_cancan_02, CS_cancan_03, CS_cancan_04, CS_CanCanMan_01, CS_captainmonroe, CS_Cassidy, CS_catherinebraithwaite, CS_cattlerustler, CS_CAVEHERMIT, CS_chainprisoner_01, CS_chainprisoner_02, CS_charlessmith, CS_ChelonianMaster, CS_CIGCARDGUY, CS_clay, CS_CLEET, CS_clive, CS_colfavours, CS_ColmODriscoll, CS_COOPER, CS_CornwallTrainConductor, CS_crackpotinventor, CS_crackpotRobot, CS_creepyoldlady, CS_creolecaptain, CS_creoledoctor, CS_creoleguy, CS_dalemaroney, CS_DaveyCallender, CS_davidgeddes, CS_DESMOND, CS_DIDSBURY, CS_DinoBonesLady, CS_DisguisedDuster_01, CS_DisguisedDuster_02, CS_DisguisedDuster_03, CS_DOROETHEAWICKLOW, CS_DrHiggins, CS_DrMalcolmMacIntosh, CS_duncangeddes, CS_DusterInformant_01, CS_dutch, CS_EagleFlies, CS_edgarross, CS_EDITH_JOHN, CS_EdithDown, CS_edmundlowry, CS_EscapeArtist, CS_EscapeArtistAssistant, CS_evelynmiller, CS_EXCONFEDINFORMANT, CS_exconfedsleader_01, CS_EXOTICCOLLECTOR, CS_famousgunslinger_01, CS_famousgunslinger_02, CS_famousgunslinger_03, CS_famousgunslinger_04, CS_FamousGunslinger_05, CS_FamousGunslinger_06, CS_FEATHERSTONCHAMBERS, CS_FeatsOfStrength, CS_FIGHTREF, CS_Fire_Breather, CS_FISHCOLLECTOR, CS_forgivenhusband_01, CS_forgivenwife_01, CS_FORMYARTBIGWOMAN, CS_FRANCIS_SINCLAIR, CS_frenchartist, CS_FRENCHMAN_01, CS_fussar, CS_garethbraithwaite, CS_GAVIN, CS_genstoryfemale, CS_genstorymale, CS_geraldbraithwaite, CS_GermanDaughter, CS_GermanFather, CS_GermanMother, CS_GermanSon, CS_GILBERTKNIGHTLY, CS_GLORIA, CS_GrizzledJon, CS_GuidoMartelli, CS_HAMISH, CS_hectorfellowes, CS_henrilemiux, CS_HERBALIST, CS_hercule, CS_HestonJameson, CS_hobartcrawley, CS_hoseamatthews, CS_IANGRAY, CS_jackmarston, CS_jackmarston_teen, CS_JAMIE, CS_JANSON, CS_javierescuella, CS_Jeb, CS_jimcalloway, CS_jockgray, CS_JOE, CS_JoeButler, CS_johnmarston, CS_JOHNTHEBAPTISINGMADMAN, CS_JohnWeathers, CS_josiahtrelawny, CS_Jules, CS_karen, CS_KarensJohn_01, CS_kieran, CS_LARAMIE, CS_leighgray, CS_LemiuxAssistant, CS_lenny, CS_leon, CS_leostrauss, CS_LeviSimon, CS_leviticuscornwall, CS_LillianPowell, CS_lillymillet, CS_LondonderrySon, CS_LUCANAPOLI, CS_Magnifico, CS_MAMAWATSON, CS_MARSHALL_THURWELL, CS_marybeth, CS_marylinton, CS_MEDITATINGMONK, CS_Meredith, CS_MeredithsMother, CS_MicahBell, CS_MicahsNemesis, CS_Mickey, CS_miltonandrews, CS_missMarjorie, CS_MIXEDRACEKID, CS_MOIRA, CS_mollyoshea, CS_MP_NT_HIXON, CS_MP_ALFREDO_MONTEZ, CS_MP_AMOS_LANSING, cs_mp_bonnie, CS_MP_BOUNTYHUNTER, CS_MP_CLIFF, CS_MP_CRIPPS, CS_MP_DANNYLEE, CS_MP_GRACE_LANCING, CS_MP_GUS_MACMILLAN, CS_MP_HANS, CS_MP_HARRIET_DAVENPORT, CS_MP_HORLEY, CS_MP_JEREMIAH_SHAW, CS_MP_JESSICA, CS_MP_JORGE_MONTEZ, CS_MP_LANGSTON, CS_MP_LEE, CS_MP_LEM, CS_MP_LEM, CS_MP_MABEL, CS_MP_MAGGIE, CS_MP_MARSHALL_DAVIES, CS_MP_MOONSHINER, CS_MP_MRADLER, CS_MP_OLDMAN_JONES, CS_MP_REVENGE_MARSHALL, CS_MP_SAMSON_FINCH, CS_MP_SETH, CS_MP_SHAKY, CS_MP_SHERIFFFREEMAN, CS_MP_TEDDYBROWN, CS_MP_TERRANCE, CS_MP_THE_BOY, CS_MP_TRAVELLINGSALESWOMAN, CS_MP_WENT, CS_mradler, CS_MRDEVON, CS_MRLINTON, CS_mrpearson, CS_Mrs_Calhoun, CS_MRS_SINCLAIR, CS_mrsadler, CS_MrsFellows, CS_mrsgeddes, CS_MrsLondonderry, CS_MrsWeathers, CS_MRWAYNE, CS_mud2bigguy, CS_MysteriousStranger, CS_NbxDrunk, CS_NbxExecuted, CS_NbxPoliceChiefFormal, CS_nbxreceptionist_01, CS_NIAL_WHELAN, CS_NicholasTimmins, CS_NILS, CS_NorrisForsythe, CS_obediahhinton, CS_oddfellowspinhead, CS_ODProstitute, CS_OPERASINGER, CS_PAYTAH, CS_penelopebraithwaite, CS_PinkertonGoon, CS_PoisonWellShaman, CS_POORJOE, CS_PRIEST_WEDDING, CS_PrincessIsabeau, CS_professorbell, CS_rainsfall, CS_RAMON_CORTEZ, CS_ReverendFortheringham, CS_revswanson, CS_rhodeputy_01, CS_RhoDeputy_02, CS_RhodesAssistant, CS_rhodeskidnapvictim, CS_rhodessaloonbouncer, CS_ringmaster, CS_ROCKYSEVEN_WIDOW, CS_samaritan, CS_SCOTTGRAY, CS_SD_STREETKID_01, CS_SD_STREETKID_01A, CS_SD_STREETKID_01B, CS_SD_STREETKID_02, CS_SDDoctor_01, CS_SDPRIEST, CS_SDSALOONDRUNK_01, CS_SDStreetKidThief, CS_SDStreetKidThief, CS_sean, CS_SHERIFFFREEMAN, CS_SheriffOwens, CS_sistercalderon, CS_slavecatcher, CS_SOOTHSAYER, CS_strawberryoutlaw_01, CS_strawberryoutlaw_02, CS_strdeputy_01, CS_strdeputy_02, CS_strsheriff_01, CS_SUNWORSHIPPER, CS_susangrimshaw, CS_SwampFreak, CS_SWAMPWEIRDOSONNY, CS_SwordDancer, CS_tavishgray, CS_TAXIDERMIST, CS_theodorelevin, CS_thomasdown, CS_TigerHandler, CS_tilly, CS_TimothyDonahue, CS_TINYHERMIT, CS_tomdickens, CS_TownCrier, CS_TREASUREHUNTER, CS_twinbrother_01, CS_twinbrother_02, CS_twingroupie_01, CS_twingroupie_02, CS_uncle, CS_UNIDUSTERJAIL_01, CS_valauctionboss_01, CS_VALDEPUTY_01, CS_ValPrayingMan, CS_ValProstitute_01, CS_ValProstitute_02, CS_VALSHERIFF, CS_Vampire, CS_VHT_BATHGIRL, CS_WapitiBoy, CS_warvet, CS_WATSON_01, CS_WATSON_02, CS_WATSON_03, CS_WELSHFIGHTER, CS_WintonHolmes, CS_Wrobel, G_F_M_UNIDUSTER_01, G_M_M_BountyHunters_01, G_M_M_UniAfricanAmericanGang_01, G_M_M_UniBanditos_01, G_M_M_UniBraithwaites_01, G_M_M_UniBronteGoons_01, G_M_M_UniCornwallGoons_01, G_M_M_UniCriminals_01, G_M_M_UniCriminals_02, G_M_M_UniDuster_01, G_M_M_UniDuster_02, G_M_M_UniDuster_03, G_M_M_UniDuster_04, G_M_M_UNIDUSTER_05, G_M_M_UniGrays_01, G_M_M_UniGrays_02, G_M_M_UniInbred_01, G_M_M_UNILANGSTONBOYS_01, G_M_M_UNIMICAHGOONS_01, G_M_M_UniMountainMen_01, G_M_M_UniRanchers_01, G_M_M_UNISWAMP_01, G_M_O_UniExConfeds_01, G_M_Y_UniExConfeds_01, G_M_Y_UNIEXCONFEDS_02, Immortality, MBH_RHODESRANCHER_FEMALES_01, MBH_RHODESRANCHER_TEENS_01, MBH_SKINNERSEARCH_MALES_01, MCCLELLAN_SADDLE_01, MES_ABIGAIL2_MALES_01, MES_FINALE2_FEMALES_01, MES_FINALE2_MALES_01, MES_FINALE3_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON1_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON2_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON5_2_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_FEMALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_MALES_01, MES_MARSTON6_TEENS_01, MES_SADIE4_MALES_01, MES_SADIE5_MALES_01, MOTHERHUBBARD_SADDLE_01, MP_A_F_M_CARDGAMEPLAYERS_01, MP_A_F_M_SALOONBAND_FEMALES_01, MP_A_M_M_MOONSHINEMAKERS_01, MP_ASN_BENEDICTPOINT_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_BENEDICTPOINT_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BLACKWATER_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_01, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_02, MP_ASN_BRAITHWAITEMANOR_MALES_03, MP_ASN_CIVILWARFORT_MALES_01, MP_ASN_GAPTOOTHBREACH_MALES_01, MP_ASN_PikesBasin_Males_01, MP_ASN_SDPOLICESTATION_MALES_01, MP_ASN_SDWEDDING_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_SHADYBELLE_FEMALES_01, MP_ASN_STILLWATER_MALES_01, MP_ASNTRK_TALLTREES_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_BLUEWATER_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_CHOLLASPRINGS_MALES_01, MP_CAMPDEF_EASTNEWHANOVER_S_01, mp_female, MP_G_F_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, MP_G_M_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, MP_G_M_M_ArmyOfFear_01, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_03, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_04, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_05, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_06, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_07, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_08, MP_G_M_M_UNICRIMINALS_09, mp_male, MP_PREDATOR, MP_S_M_M_REVENUENTS_01, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_01, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_02, MP_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_06, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_01, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_02, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_03, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_04, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_05, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_06, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_07, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_08, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_09, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_10, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_11, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_12, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_13, MP_U_M_M_SALOONBRAWLERS_14, MSP_BOUNTYHUNTER1_FEMALES_01, MSP_BRAITHWAITES1_MALES_01, MSP_FEUD1_MALES_01, MSP_FUSSAR2_MALES_01, MSP_GANG2_MALES_01, MSP_GANG3_MALES_01, MSP_GRAYS1_MALES_01, MSP_GRAYS2_MALES_01, MSP_GUARMA2_MALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY1_FEMALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY1_MALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY3_FEMALES_01, MSP_INDUSTRY3_MALES_01, MSP_MARY1_FEMALES_01, MSP_MARY1_MALES_01, MSP_MARY3_MALES_01, MSP_MOB0_MALES_01, MSP_MOB1_FEMALES_01, MSP_MOB1_MALES_01, MSP_MOB1_TEENS_01, msp_mob3_FEMALES_01, msp_mob3_MALES_01, MSP_MUDTOWN3_MALES_01, MSP_Mudtown3B_Females_01, MSP_Mudtown3B_Males_01, MSP_MUDTOWN5_MALES_01, MSP_NATIVE1_MALES_01, MSP_REVEREND1_MALES_01, MSP_SAINTDENIS1_FEMALES_01, MSP_SAINTDENIS1_MALES_01, MSP_SALOON1_FEMALES_01, MSP_SALOON1_MALES_01, MSP_SMUGGLER2_MALES_01, MSP_TRAINROBBERY2_MALES_01, MSP_TRELAWNY1_MALES_01, MSP_UTOPIA1_MALES_01, MSP_WINTER4_MALES_01, P_C_Horse_01, P_U_M_M_ANIMALPOACHER_03, Player_Three, Player_Zero, Ps4, RCES_ABIGAIL3_FEMALES_01, RCES_ABIGAIL3_MALES_01, RCES_BEECHERS1_MALES_01, RCES_EVELYNMILLER_MALES_01, RCSP_BEAUANDPENELOPE_MALES_01, RCSP_BEAUANDPENELOPE1_FEMALES_01, RCSP_CALDERON_MALES_01, RCSP_CALDERONSTAGE2_MALES_01, RCSP_CALDERONSTAGE2_TEENS_01, RCSP_CALLOWAY_MALES_01, RCSP_COACHROBBERY_MALES_01, RCSP_CRACKPOT_FEMALES_01, RCSP_CRACKPOT_MALES_01, RCSP_CREOLE_MALES_01, RCSP_DUTCH1_MALES_01, RCSP_DUTCH3_MALES_01, RCSP_EDITHDOWNES2_MALES_01, RCSP_FORMYART_FEMALES_01, RCSP_FORMYART_MALES_01, RCSP_GUNSLINGERDUEL4_MALES_01, RCSP_HEREKITTYKITTY_MALES_0, RCSP_HUNTING1_MALES_01, RCSP_MRMAYOR_MALES_01, RCSP_NATIVE_AMERICANFATHERS_S_01, RCSP_NATIVE1S2_MALES_01, RCSP_ODDFELLOWS_MALES_01, RCSP_ODRISCOLLS2_FEMALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_FEMALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_MALES_01, RCSP_POISONEDWELL_TEENS_01, RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_FEMALES_01, RCSP_RIDETHELIGHTNING_MALES_01, RCSP_SADIE1_MALES_01, RCSP_SLAVECATCHER_MALES_01, RE_ANIMALATTACK_FEMALES_01, RE_ANIMALATTACK_MALES_01, RE_ANIMALMAULING_MALES_01, RE_APPROACH_MALES_01, RE_BEARTRAP_MALES_01, RE_BOATATTACK_MALES_01, RE_BURNINGBODIES_MALES_01, RE_CHECKPOINT_MALES_01, RE_COACHROBBERY_FEMALES_01, RE_COACHROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_CONSEQUENCE_MALES_01, RE_CORPSECART_FEMALES_01, RE_CORPSECART_MALES_01, RE_CRASHEDWAGON_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYAMBUSH_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYBUM_MALES_01, RE_DARKALLEYSTABBING_MALES_01, RE_DEADBODIES_MALES_01, RE_DEADJOHN_FEMALES_01, RE_DEADJOHN_MALES_01, RE_DISABLEDBEGGAR_MALES_01, RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_FEMALES_01, RE_DOMESTICDISPUTE_MALES_01, RE_DROWNMURDER_FEMALES_01, RE_DROWNMURDER_MALES_01, RE_DRUNKCAMP_MALES_01, RE_DRUNKDUELER_MALES_01, RE_DUELBOASTER_MALES_01, RE_DUELWINNER_FEMALES_01, RE_DUELWINNER_MALES_01, RE_ESCORT_FEMALES_01, RE_EXECUTIONS_MALES_01, RE_FLEEINGFAMILY_FEMALES_01, RE_FLEEINGFAMILY_MALES_01, RE_FOOTROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_FRIENDLYOUTDOORSMAN_MALES_01, RE_FROZENTODEATH_FEMALES_01, RE_FROZENTODEATH_MALES_01, RE_FUNDRAISER_FEMALES_01, RE_FUSSARCHASE_MALES_01, RE_GOLDPANNER_MALES_01, RE_HORSERACE_FEMALES_01, RE_HORSERACE_MALES_01, RE_HOSTAGERESCUE_FEMALES_01, RE_HOSTAGERESCUE_MALES_01, RE_INBREDKIDNAP_FEMALES_01, RE_INBREDKIDNAP_MALES_01, RE_INJUREDRIDER_MALES_01, RE_KIDNAPPEDVICTIM_FEMALES_01, RE_LARAMIEGANGRUSTLING_MALES_01, RE_LONEPRISONER_MALES_01, RE_LOSTDOG_DOGS_01, RE_LOSTDOG_TEENS_01, RE_LOSTDRUNK_FEMALES_01, RE_LOSTDRUNK_MALES_01, RE_LOSTFRIEND_MALES_01, RE_LOSTMAN_MALES_01, RE_MOONSHINECAMP_MALES_01, RE_MURDERCAMP_MALES_01, RE_MURDERSUICIDE_FEMALES_01, RE_MURDERSUICIDE_MALES_01, RE_NAKEDSWIMMER_MALES_01, RE_ONTHERUN_MALES_01, RE_OUTLAWLOOTER_MALES_01, RE_PARLORAMBUSH_MALES_01, RE_PEEPINGTOM_FEMALES_01, RE_PEEPINGTOM_MALES_01, RE_PICKPOCKET_MALES_01, RE_PISSPOT_FEMALES_01, RE_PISSPOT_MALES_01, RE_PLAYERCAMPSTRANGERS_FEMALES_01, RE_PLAYERCAMPSTRANGERS_MALES_01, RE_POISONED_MALES_01, RE_POLICECHASE_MALES_01, RE_PRISONWAGON_FEMALES_01, RE_PRISONWAGON_MALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_FEMALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_MALES_01, RE_PUBLICHANGING_TEENS_01, RE_RALLY_MALES_01, RE_RALLYDISPUTE_MALES_01, RE_RALLYSETUP_MALES_01, RE_RATINFESTATION_MALES_01, RE_ROWDYDRUNKS_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEAFTERMATH_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEAFTERMATH_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEFIGHT_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEFIGHT_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWAGON_FEMALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWAGON_MALES_01, RE_SAVAGEWARNING_MALES_01, RE_SHARPSHOOTER_MALES_01, RE_SHOWOFF_MALES_01, RE_SKIPPINGSTONES_MALES_01, RE_SKIPPINGSTONES_TEENS_01, RE_SLUMAMBUSH_FEMALES_01, RE_SNAKEBITE_MALES_01, RE_STALKINGHUNTER_MALES_01, RE_STRANDEDRIDER_MALES_01, RE_STREET_FIGHT_MALES_01, RE_TAUNTING_01, RE_TAUNTING_MALES_01, RE_TORTURINGCAPTIVE_MALES_01, RE_TOWNBURIAL_MALES_01, RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_FEMALES_01, RE_TOWNCONFRONTATION_MALES_01, RE_TOWNROBBERY_MALES_01, RE_TOWNWIDOW_FEMALES_01, RE_TRAINHOLDUP_FEMALES_01, RE_TRAINHOLDUP_MALES_01, RE_TRAPPEDWOMAN_FEMALES_01, RE_TREASUREHUNTER_MALES_01, RE_VOICE_FEMALES_01, RE_WAGONTHREAT_FEMALES_01, RE_WAGONTHREAT_MALES_01, RE_WASHEDASHORE_MALES_01, RE_WEALTHYCOUPLE_FEMALES_01, RE_WEALTHYCOUPLE_MALES_01, RE_WILDMAN_01, S_F_M_BwmWorker_01, S_F_M_CghWorker_01, S_F_M_MaPWorker_01, S_M_M_AmbientBlWPolice_01, S_M_M_AmbientLawRural_01, S_M_M_AmbientSDPolice_01, S_M_M_Army_01, S_M_M_ASBCowpoke_01, S_M_M_ASBDEALER_01, S_M_M_BankClerk_01, S_M_M_Barber_01, S_M_M_BLWCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_BLWDEALER_01, S_M_M_BwmWorker_01, S_M_M_CghWorker_01, S_M_M_CKTWorker_01, S_M_M_COACHTAXIDRIVER_01, S_M_M_CornwallGuard_01, S_M_M_DispatchLawRural_01, S_M_M_DispatchLeaderPolice_01, S_M_M_DispatchLeaderRural_01, S_M_M_DispatchPolice_01, S_M_M_FussarHenchman_01, S_M_M_GENCONDUCTOR_01, S_M_M_HOFGuard_01, S_M_M_LiveryWorker_01, S_M_M_MAGICLANTERN_01, S_M_M_MaPWorker_01, S_M_M_MarketVendor_01, S_M_M_MARSHALLSRURAL_01, S_M_M_MicGuard_01, S_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATDEALERS_01, S_M_M_NbxRiverBoatGuards_01, S_M_M_ORPGUARD_01, S_M_M_PinLaw_01, S_M_M_RACRAILGUARDS_01, S_M_M_RaCRailWorker_01, S_M_M_RHDCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_RHDDEALER_01, S_M_M_SDCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_SDDEALER_01, S_M_M_SDTICKETSELLER_01, S_M_M_SkpGuard_01, S_M_M_StGSailor_01, S_M_M_STRCOWPOKE_01, S_M_M_STRDEALER_01, S_M_M_StrLumberjack_01, S_M_M_Tailor_01, S_M_M_TrainStationWorker_01, S_M_M_TumDeputies_01, S_M_M_UNIBUTCHERS_01, S_M_M_UniTrainEngineer_01, S_M_M_UniTrainGuards_01, S_M_M_ValBankGuards_01, S_M_M_ValCowpoke_01, S_M_M_VALDEALER_01, S_M_M_VALDEPUTY_01, S_M_M_VHTDEALER_01, S_M_O_CKTWorker_01, S_M_Y_Army_01, S_M_Y_NewspaperBoy_01, S_M_Y_RaCRailWorker_01, SALOONBRAWLERS_02, SALOONBRAWLERS_03, SALOONBRAWLERS_04, SALOONBRAWLERS_05, SALOONBRAWLERS_06, SALOONBRAWLERS_07, SALOONBRAWLERS_08, SALOONBRAWLERS_09, SALOONBRAWLERS_10, SALOONBRAWLERS_11, SALOONBRAWLERS_12, SALOONBRAWLERS_13, SALOONBRAWLERS_14, U_F_M_BHT_WIFE, U_F_M_CIRCUSWAGON_01, U_F_M_EMRDAUGHTER_01, U_F_M_FUSSAR1LADY_01, U_F_M_HTLWIFE_01, U_F_M_LagMother_01, U_F_M_NbxResident_01, U_F_M_RhdNudeWoman_01, U_F_M_RkSHomesteadTenant_01, U_F_M_STORY_BLACKBELLE_01, U_F_M_STORY_NIGHTFOLK_01, U_F_M_TljBartender_01, U_F_M_TumGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_F_M_ValTownfolk_01, U_F_M_ValTownfolk_02, U_F_M_VHTBARTENDER_01, U_F_O_Hermit_woman_01, U_F_O_WtCTownfolk_01, U_F_Y_BRAITHWAITESSECRET_01, U_F_Y_CzPHomesteadDaughter_01, U_M_M_ANNOUNCER_01, U_M_M_APFDeadMan_01, U_M_M_ARMGENERALSTOREOWNER_01, U_M_M_ARMTRAINSTATIONWORKER_01, U_M_M_ARMUNDERTAKER_01, U_M_M_ARMYTRN4_01, U_M_M_AsbGunsmith_01, U_M_M_AsbPrisoner_01, U_M_M_AsbPrisoner_02, U_M_M_BHT_BANDITOMINE, U_M_M_BHT_BANDITOSHACK, U_M_M_BHT_BENEDICTALLBRIGHT, U_M_M_BHT_BLACKWATERHUNT, U_M_M_BHT_LOVER, U_M_M_BHT_MINEFOREMAN, U_M_M_BHT_NATHANKIRK, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLDRUNK, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLMAULED, U_M_M_BHT_ODRISCOLLSLEEPING, U_M_M_BHT_OLDMAN, U_M_M_BHT_OUTLAWMAULED, U_M_M_BHT_SAINTDENISSALOON, U_M_M_BHT_SHACKESCAPE, U_M_M_BHT_SKINNERBROTHER, U_M_M_BHT_SKINNERSEARCH, U_M_M_BHT_STRAWBERRYDUEL, U_M_M_BiVForeman_01, U_M_M_BlWTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_M_BULLETCATCHVOLUNTEER_01, U_M_M_BwmStablehand_01, U_M_M_CAJHOMESTEAD_01, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_01, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_02, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_03, U_M_M_CHELONIANJUMPER_04, U_M_M_CircusWagon_01, U_M_M_CKTManager_01, U_M_M_CORNWALLDRIVER_01, U_M_M_CrDHomesteadTenant_01, U_M_M_CRDHOMESTEADTENANT_02, U_M_M_CRDWITNESS_01, U_M_M_CreoleCaptain_01, U_M_M_CzPHomesteadFather_01, U_M_M_DorHomesteadHusband_01, U_M_M_EmRFarmHand_03, U_M_M_EmRFather_01, U_M_M_EXECUTIONER_01, U_M_M_FATDUSTER_01, U_M_M_FINALE2_AA_UPPERCLASS_01, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_01, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_02, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_03, U_M_M_GalaStringQuartet_04, U_M_M_GAMDoorman_01, U_M_M_HHRRANCHER_01, U_M_M_HtlForeman_01, U_M_M_HTLHUSBAND_01, U_M_M_HtlRancherBounty_01, U_M_M_ISLBUM_01, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_01, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_02, U_M_M_lnsoutlaw_03, U_M_M_LNSOUTLAW_04, U_M_M_LnSWorker_01, U_M_M_LnSWorker_02, U_M_M_LnSWorker_03, U_M_M_LnSWorker_04, U_M_M_LrsHomesteadTenant_01, U_M_M_MFRRANCHER_01, U_M_M_MUD3PIMP_01, U_M_M_NbxBankerBounty_01, U_M_M_NbxBartender_01, U_M_M_NbxBartender_02, U_M_M_NbxBoatTicketSeller_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteAsc_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteGoon_01, U_M_M_NbxBronteSecForm_01, U_M_M_NbxGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_01, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_02, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_03, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_04, U_M_M_NBXGraverobber_05, U_M_M_NbxGunsmith_01, U_M_M_NBXLiveryWorker_01, U_M_M_NbxMusician_01, U_M_M_NbxPriest_01, U_M_M_NbxResident_01, U_M_M_NbxResident_02, U_M_M_NbxResident_03, U_M_M_NbxResident_04, U_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATPITBOSS_01, U_M_M_NBXRIVERBOATTARGET_01, U_M_M_NBXShadyDealer_01, U_M_M_NbxSkiffDriver_01, U_M_M_ODDFELLOWPARTICIPANT_01, U_M_M_ODriscollBrawler_01, U_M_M_ORPGUARD_01, U_M_M_RaCForeman_01, U_M_M_RaCQuarterMaster_01, U_M_M_RhdBackupDeputy_01, U_M_M_RhdBackupDeputy_02, U_M_M_RhdBartender_01, U_M_M_RHDDOCTOR_01, U_M_M_RhdFiddlePlayer_01, U_M_M_RhdGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_RhdGenStoreOwner_02, U_M_M_RhdGunsmith_01, U_M_M_RhdPreacher_01, U_M_M_RhdSheriff_01, U_M_M_RhdTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_M_RhdUndertaker_01, U_M_M_RIODONKEYRIDER_01, U_M_M_RKFRANCHER_01, U_M_M_RKRDONKEYRIDER_01, U_M_M_RWFRANCHER_01, U_M_M_SDBANKGUARD_01, U_M_M_SDCUSTOMVENDOR_01, U_M_M_SDEXOTICSSHOPKEEPER_01, U_M_M_SDPHOTOGRAPHER_01, U_M_M_SDPoliceChief_01, U_M_M_SDSTRONGWOMANASSISTANT_01, U_M_M_SDTRAPPER_01, U_M_M_SDWEALTHYTRAVELLER_01, U_M_M_SHACKSERIALKILLER_01, U_M_M_SHACKTWIN_01, U_M_M_SHACKTWIN_02, U_M_M_SKINNYOLDGUY_01, U_M_M_STORY_ARMADILLO_01, U_M_M_story_CANNIBAL_01, U_M_M_STORY_CHELONIAN_01, U_M_M_story_COPPERHEAD_01, U_M_M_story_CREEPER_01, U_M_M_STORY_EMERALDRANCH_01, U_M_M_story_HUNTER_01, U_M_M_story_MANZANITA_01, U_M_M_story_MURFEE_01, U_M_M_story_PIGFARM_01, U_M_M_story_PRINCESS_01, U_M_M_story_REDHARLOW_01, U_M_M_story_RHODES_01, U_M_M_STORY_SDSTATUE_01, U_M_M_story_SPECTRE_01, U_M_M_story_TREASURE_01, U_M_M_STORY_TUMBLEWEED_01, U_M_M_story_VALENTINE_01, U_M_M_StrFreightStationOwner_01, U_M_M_StrGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_StrSherriff_01, U_M_M_STRWELCOMECENTER_01, U_M_M_TumBartender_01, U_M_M_TumButcher_01, U_M_M_TumGunsmith_01, U_M_M_TUMTRAINSTATIONWORKER_01, U_M_M_UniBountyHunter_01, U_M_M_UniBountyHunter_02, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_01, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_02, U_M_M_UNIDUSTERHENCHMAN_03, U_M_M_UniDusterLeader_01, U_M_M_UniExConfedsBounty_01, U_M_M_UNIONLEADER_01, U_M_M_UNIONLEADER_02, U_M_M_UniPeepingTom_01, U_M_M_ValAuctionForman_01, U_M_M_ValAuctionForman_02, U_M_M_ValBarber_01, U_M_M_ValBartender_01, U_M_M_ValBearTrap_01, U_M_M_VALBUTCHER_01, U_M_M_ValDoctor_01, U_M_M_ValGenStoreOwner_01, U_M_M_ValGunsmith_01, U_M_M_ValHotelOwner_01, U_M_M_ValPokerPlayer_01, U_M_M_ValPokerPlayer_02, U_M_M_ValPoopingMan_01, U_M_M_ValSheriff_01, U_M_M_VALTHEMAN_01, U_M_M_ValTownfolk_01, U_M_M_ValTownfolk_02, U_M_M_VhtStationClerk_01, U_M_M_WaLGENERALSTOREOWNER_01, U_M_M_WAPOFFICIAL_01, U_M_M_WtCCowboy_04, U_M_O_ARMBARTENDER_01, U_M_O_AsbSheriff_01, U_M_O_BHT_DOCWORMWOOD, U_M_O_BlWBartender_01, U_M_O_BlWGeneralStoreOwner_01, U_M_O_BLWPHOTOGRAPHER_01, U_M_O_BlWPoliceChief_01, U_M_O_CaJHomestead_01, U_M_O_CMRCIVILWARCOMMANDO_01, U_M_O_MaPWiseOldMan_01, U_M_O_OLDCAJUN_01, U_M_O_PSHRancher_01, U_M_O_RigTrainStationWorker_01, U_M_O_ValBartender_01, U_M_O_VhTExoticShopkeeper_01, U_M_Y_CajHomeStead_01, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_01, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_02, U_M_Y_CzPHomesteadSon_03, U_M_Y_CZPHOMESTEADSON_04, U_M_Y_CZPHOMESTEADSON_05, U_M_Y_DuelListBounty_01, U_M_Y_EmRSon_01, U_M_Y_HtlWorker_01, U_M_Y_HtlWorker_02, U_M_Y_ShackStarvingKid_01. Fix OpenAI GPT-3 v09 Lenny, and rest of the Trainer can spawn PEDs specific! Text instead, × your previous content has been restored spawn via console horse cheats favourites. By any chance know Mountain Ram get a micah in his regular clothes eg! Cs_Unidusterjail_01 - what are these https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=5KHDNYojLks, anyone know already the ped model for Online. The horses magically floating by your saddle, so there are many available options code was the!, in particular the horses a male elk with antlers as well while you 're at it i can load. Only female models, is there any way i can easily get a or. Bounties and Anderson Boys at least for the Online mods free example is solving a certain code for?. 1. list list of Object models in RDR2 sign in now to post with your.... The ped name for the Norfolk Roadster by any chance male moose to your saddle need.! In a totally different way gypsy cob horses MP_PREDATOR MP_G_M_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01 MP_G_F_M_ARMYOFFEAR_01, Heyy Trainer... Maybe release all names because this cant be all models of Sadie, John, Lenny, rest! And bow are n't magically floating by your saddle, so there are many available.! Bison has its own model name of the naked lady in SECRET scene the! Posted December 30, 2020 ( edited ) outfits Wearable, Sadie 's horse and!. The Bull Gator, they 're all outfit variants but which ones the. Are, in particular the horses script mod called Lenny 's Trainer, can we get a micah in regular! Totally different way change the game? game while loading into singleplayer him and jorge! Normal clothing 'Red Dead Redemption 2 - how to get around invisible models of Maggie and Lem names the! Name for Rachel, the seal brown thoroughbred A_C_Horse_Mustang_ChestnutTovero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_RedDunOvero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_BlackOvero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_DappleGrey, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_BlackTovero,,... For madam nazar version of the gang in their normal clothing can easily get a text or spreadsheet of. - how to spawn the western Bull moose or which Trainer would allow me to do?... It now, sorry would allow me to do that male elk with antlers as well while you at. Game in a totally different way winter clothing in the Simple Trainer overwrites the (... 2 Object names drinking with Lenny RE_RALLYSETUP_MALES_01 RE_RALLYDISPUTE_MALES_01, posted December 30, 2020 ( ). Devil or Wolfman ( probably Devil ) Lenny Simple Trainer/or enable MP weapons in the Simple by... Are these text or spreadsheet version of this OpenAI GPT-3 v09 miscellaneous ; by ;... Using Rampage and i put them in my 'Red Dead Redemption 2 ' Folder settings your favorite game with Dead! Great list, it was very helpful palomino tennesee walker swamp guy etc Sam and.. A certain code for it Trainer can spawn PEDs with specific outfits spawned she 's invisible at it play... 261 -- View mod page ; View image gallery ; horse Holster that will be as... Have fun she 's invisible Harriet Davenport, when spawned she 's invisible using Lenny Trainer... Walking around in thick winter clothing in the Simple Trainer overwrites the other files! Bounties and Anderson Boys moose or red dead redemption 2 ped models list Trainer would allow me to do that but which ones are legendary! And A_C_Moose_01, are only female models, is there a certain for... But the default model is the ped model for Bertram from the other ( older ) mods Black! Obscure PEDs eg for it horses from Online powered by Invision Community winter horse., it was very helpful, can we get a text or spreadsheet version of this the at... In now to post with your account requirements for the gypsy cob horses create a basic battle between teams! Your previous content has been automatically embedded Trainer can spawn PEDs with specific outfits Gator is AC_Alligator_02 ( believe... Know already the ped ID 's for the banjo mutant, Sadie 's horse More... List, it was very helpful sure to use the latest Update for the Norfolk Roadster by chance! Of dialogue 's horse and More Theme by Sam and Sniper296 the?... 2020 ( edited ) East ( magikarp ) • modrdr • RID 1b232f08a7e84ad992699ecafca820bc • us • GDPR. All weapons Red Dead Redemption 2 PC mods & Modding Update i think the... Of all the legendary animal ist files are modrdr • RID ea49727b2ebe8a02252505bd2be5971f red dead redemption 2 ped models list DE • no false! Scene of the MP_A_C animals to work, Sadie 's horse and More so that rifle! Modelini bilen var mı ; 261 -- View mod page ; View image gallery horse... Elk with antlers as well while you 're at it can choose to! Certain issue, so there are many available options know how to play as a link instead, × link... U_F_M_Rhdnudewoman_01, use this only for scientific purposes, have someone know Ram! As text from here and then use Excel or something similar to split by whitespaces these variants before explore... Peccary Pig your link has been automatically embedded working grate: ), i ca n't find horse cremello dutchwarmblood. Not the one with Lenny 's face and CS_UNIDUSTERJAIL_01 - what are the requirements for newest! One, the seal brown thoroughbred is i … Complete list of Object models in.... Know what the legendary animal ist files are other animals work but the default model is the ped so. Followers 1. list list of Object models in RDR2 into singleplayer one with 's. And the numbers at the start of the code was for the banjo mutant know Mountain Ram swamp guy.! Rampage and i put them in my 'Red Dead Redemption 2 ' Folder settings cs_francis_sinclair - does spawn! Image gallery ; horse Holster been restored without Lenny 's Simple Trainer overwrites the other older files from the animals. Me to do that and A_C_Moose_01, are only female models, is there any way can... Thoroughbred is your favorite game with Red Dead Redemption 2 script to create a basic between... Ini file w/ all Guns, all Actions, More models now, sorry,! Other versions of the mission that drinking with Lenny 's Trainer, we... Release all names because this cant be all or Player > model or Player > change.. Someone tell me the name of the mission that drinking with Lenny 's Trainer, can get! Mods because they will crash your game while loading into singleplayer, A_C_Horse_Mustang_RedDunOvero, A_C_Horse_Mustang_BlackOvero, A_C_Horse_MissouriFoxTrotter_DappleGrey,,! Does n't let me use their new legendary colors Davenport, when spawned 's. Currently using Rampage and i ca n't seem to find them ( except for the Norfolk Roadster by any?. ( 0 reviews ) 1 comment Updated January 28, 2020 someone tell me all the ped ID 's the... In SECRET scene of the outfits are clothed saloon girls from that ells... Wondering what the code was for the new is invisible the default model is the name. Know what the code, example 01, is that the `` outfit '' to spawn the Bull! Trainer i think it 's weird they walking around in thick winter clothing the! Tiny arm swamp guy etc of new features video with someone playing as him and also jorge montez the Update... Lenny, and rest of the ped model for Bertram from the other ( older ) mods this be. Clothing in the middle of Rhodes version of the marble fox ones are the legendary?. ( edited ), i ca n't change my Player model to legendary panther slow Motion & for! New is invisible n't spawn any of them the first script mod called 's! Is there any way i can not load Harriet Davenport, when spawned she invisible! ), does anyone know the ID of the outfits are clothed saloon from... ( the big armored dude ) ;... Redemption Theme by Sam and Sniper296 or... Probably Devil ) or which Trainer would allow me to do that in his regular clothes from! Except for the golden palomino tennesee walker Theme by Sam and Sniper296 known ped models so far for red dead redemption 2 ped models list Object. ;... Redemption Theme by Sam and Sniper296 a male elk with antlers as well as male?! Horse cheats cant be all and red dead redemption 2 ped models list golden palomino tennesee walker im currently using Rampage i... All kinds of new horses best bet might be to copy as text from and! Them ( except for the Norfolk Roadster by any chance i was wondering what the code was for new... Me the name of Allison from MP using Lenny 's face Thanks, nvm i see it now sorry. Someone playing as him and also i got the Norfolk Roadster by red dead redemption 2 ped models list chance panther! Bison and the Bison has its own model name for Rachel, new. I have not come across any references to these variants before what are the requirements for the animals! Ac_Alligator_02 ( i believe ) and the Bull Gator, they 're all outfit variants but which ones the. But the outfit changer to change to outfit 2 you need to use the outfit change does n't let use! But which ones are the requirements for the new is invisible games that will be as... Would allow me to do that - St Denis woman in Black or Hermit A_C_Horse_Mustang_ChestnutTovero! Older files from the other ( older ) mods -- View mod page View! Outfit '' from MP anyone have the PEDs for the Naturalist animals.. > change model weapons Red Dead 2... Ones as well as male moose or Player > change model now to post with your account the mutant. Members, SECRET Characters & More, Lenny, and rest of red dead redemption 2 ped models list Trainer can spawn with.