The co-chlor compound results when, (3-phenyl-a-chlorlactic acid (from hypochlorous acid and cinnamic acid) is heated with water; it has a hyacinthine odour and yields phenylacetaldehyde when heated with water. By gentle oxidation it yields nitrosobenzene. It is a white amorphous infusible powder, which when strongly heated in sulphuretted hydrogen, yields an oxysulphide. The spectroscope only yields information about the thin outer envelope of the star; and even here elements may be present which do not reveal themselves, for the spectrum shown depends very greatly on the temperature and pressure. In the former case the nature of the organism is such that it yields readily, when subjected to certain conditions, and all or nearly all the individuals become modified in the same way. An index of yields for long-term A-rated general. Dry distillation is extremely wasteful even when definite substances or mixtures, such as calcium acetate which yields acetone, are dealt with, valueless by-products being obtained and the condensate usually requiring much purification. The amalgam yields about 30 to 40% of gold. 293491 He yielded to pressure. heated in a kiln until its carbonic acid has been driven off, it yields pure lime. It is by no means, however, the wheat which yields the greatest number of bushels per acre which is the most valuable from a miller's standpoint, for the thinness of the bran and the fineness and strength of the flour are with him important considerations, too often overlooked by the farmer when buying his seed. yield definition: 1. to supply or produce something positive such as a profit, an amount of food or information: 2…. That form of neuralgia which is associated with anaemia usually yields to iron. Example Sentences for "yield" There is a Hebrew proverb which states that when two men quarrel, the one who yields first displays the nobler character. When heated with monobasic saturated acids and zinc chloride it yields acridines. All Rights Reserved. He should have yielded, for the initial dramatic limpness was in large measure down to him. Because the stage is so small, our characters will only interact in one static setting. The anchovy fishing which takes place in May, June and July sometimes yields very productive results. Heated in chlorine or with bromine, it yields carbon and calcium chloride or bromide; at a dull red heat it burns in oxygen, forming calcium carbonate, and it becomes incandescent in sulphur vapour at 500°, forming calcium sulphide and carbon disulphide. - One pound of good Welsh coal properly burned in the fire-box of a locomotive yields about 15,000 British thermal units of heat at a temperature high enough to enable from 50 to 80% to flow across the boiler-heating surface to the water, the rest escaping up the chimney with the furnace gases. It is probably a hydroxy-compound, since it gives a red-brown colour with ferric chloride, reacts with phenyl isocyanate and with phosphorus pentachloride, and with benzoyl chloride yields dibenzhydroxamic acid, C 6 H 5 CO NH O. It is a reddish-brown powder, which when heated with hydrochloric acid yields chlorine. And, by the way, who estimates the value of the crop which nature yields in the still wilder fields unimproved by man? When thus chlorinated phenol (I) yields trichlor-o-diketo-R-hexene (2), which may be hydrolysed to an acid (3), which, in turn, suffers rearrangement to trichlor-R-pentene-oxycarboxylic acid (4). The explanation is that in an alkaline medium at body heat nitroglycerin yields a nitrite, probably as a preliminary stage of resolution. Higher-rate deposit accounts yield good returns. Cold pressing of the seeds yields a golden-yellow oil, which is often used as an edible oil. Oxycedrus, from the Mediterranean district and Madeira, yields cedar-oil which is official in most of the European pharmacopoeias, but not in that of Britain. In order to have a complete sentence, the sentence must have a minimum of three word types: a subject, a verb, and an object. Asked by Wiki User. Orthophenylene diamine, C 6 H 4 (NH2)2, crystallizes from water in plates, which melt at 102 -103° C. and boil at 256-258° C. When heated with io% hydrochloric acid to 180° C. it yields pyrocatechin (Jacob Meyer, Ber., 1897, 30, p. 2569). The mother-liquor now falls to a specific gravity of 1.3082 to 1.2965, and yields a very mixed deposit of magnesium bromide and chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium sulphate, with the double magnesium and potassium sulphate, corresponding to the kainite of Stassfurt. 334.) The chloride is very hygroscopic. 4 years ago. Traditionally, the Chinese agricultural strategy was to apply human labor intensively to the lands which would yield the greatest return. Here the tropical heat is tempered by constant trade winds, there is perfect immunity from hurricanes, the soil is peculiarly suited for cane-growing, and by the use of specially-prepared fertilizers and an ample supply of water at command for irrigation the land yields from 50 to 90 tons of canes per acre, from which from 12 to 14% of sugar is produced. Long-continued treatment with halogens may, in some cases, result in the formation of aromatic compounds; thus perchlorbenzene, C 6 C1 6, frequently appears as a product of exhaustive chlorination, while hexyl iodide, C 6 H 13 I, yields perchlorand perbrom-benzene quite readily. Answer. CH20H CH20H CH OH CH OH (CH OH) 2 -> (CH OH)2 CHO CH-OH CN Pentose -> Cyanhydrin on further oxidation gives a mannonic acid, C 5 H 8 (OH) 5 CO 2 H; this acid readily yields a lactone. This wild region is in many parts impenetrable to man, and nowhere yields a passage for a modern army. [3], 27, p. 39 2), crystallizes in colourless prisms which melt at 234° C. When heated in vacuo to 240° C. it yields hydroquinone, quinone and pyrogallol. The metallic cyanides are analogous to the alkyl isocyanides, since they form soluble double silver salts, and the fact that ethyl ferrocyanide on distillation yields ethyl isocyanide also points to their isocyanide structure. More than one-third of the district lies under jungle, which yields gum, medicinal fruit and nuts, edible fruits, lac, honey and the blossoms of the mahuci tree (Bassia latifolia), which are eaten by the poorer classes, and used for the manufacture of a kind of spirit. When warmed with baryta water it yields succinamic acid, H02C CH2 CH2 CONH21 and with alcoholic ammonia at 100° C. it gives succinamide. Of the vegetable oils, in addition to cotton-seed and coco-nut, olive oil is the basis of soaps for calico printers and silk dyers; castor oil yields transparent soaps (under suitable treatment), whilst crude palm oil, with bone fat, is employed for making brown soap, and after bleaching it yields ordinary pale or mottled. The soil, mainly alluvial, is naturally very fertile, and wherever cultivated yields abundant crops, durra being the principal grain grown. my cash deposit produced a good yield for the quarter of the year. 5 6 7. I defined the support of a word square to be the size of a randomly-drawn list of n-letter words that would, on the average, However, he clarified that anthills may not be rich sources of gold dust, but could, Several research teams prepared samples of quasicrystalline materials perfect enough to, Meetings of campfire folk and glitchy electronica can sometimes, However, similar attempts with infective agents and agents with aerobiological decay rates proved to, Just one pepper wevil larva among 100 peppers could be a harbinger of serious, And still, the bad-tempered second half did not, Furthermore, the potential for sales through bankassurance agreements has yet to, Although acutely conscious of living in a 'wilderness,' they stoutheartedly refused to. When ignited in a current of hydrogen it yields tiianium trifluoride, TiF 3, as a violet powder. c (1) : to produce as return from an expenditure or investment : furnish as profit or interest a bond that yields 12 percent. It is soluble in water, the solution showing an acid reaction, owing to the formation of aceto-acetic acid, and with alkalis it yields acetates. Yield definition, to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation: This farm yields enough fruit to meet all our needs. The yield is the rate of return received from investing in the bond. The island is fertile, richly wooded, and yields grain and fruit. The Alternantheras, Amaranthuses, Iresines and Coleus Verschaffelti furnish high and warm colours; while Pyrethrum Parthenium aureum yields greenish-yellow; Thymus citriodorus aureus, yellowish; Mesembryanthemum cordifolium variegatum, creamy yellow; Centaureas and others, white; Lobelia Erinus, blue; and the succulent Echeverias and Sempervivums, glaucous rosettes, which last add much to the general effect. With silver nitrate and caustic soda it yields a silver salt, Ag2C 2 H 3 N 3 0 2. yield. (i) Sodii carbonis, known as washing soda; this carbonate on heating yields sodii carbonis exsiccatus and sodii bicarbonas; from the latter is made trochiscus sodii bicarbonatis. 4 Answers. 6. Because the medicine man said the solution was a miraculous cure for the mystery illness, he sold every bottle he had. The reaction mixture on treatment with water yields the primary phosphine, the secondary phosphine being then liberated from its hydriodide by caustic soda. in a sentence. The acid yields, on appropriate treatment, d-mannose and d-mannite. It is common to cut down the green wheat and barley before the ear forms, for fodder, and the repetition of this, with barley at least, is said not to injure the grain crop. Yams and sweet-potatoes, yuccas, malangas, cacao, rice - which is one of the most important foods of the people, but which is not yet widely cultivated on a profitable basis - and Indian corn, which grows everywhere and yields two crops yearly, may be mentioned also. If cut for lumber, this single tree would yield600, 120 board feet, the makings of 40 five-room houses. It's difficult to see percent yield in a sentence .-- Komercni Banka IF : 40.8 percent discount; 2.8 percent yield; Nowadays, a 2 percent yield is considered generous, except for traditional income stocks. When reduced in alcoholic solution by means of sodium amalgam it yields methyl granatoline, 08H130H NCH3; this substance, on oxidation with cold potassium permanganate, is converted into granatoline, C 8 H, 5 NO, which on distillation over zinc dust yields pyridine. How would you use the word yield in a sentence? Triphenylmethane chloride yields triphenylmethyl; ditolylphenylmethyl and tritolylmethyl have also been prepared. The demonstration plot obtained better yield and better quality compared with the traditionary, During years of normal rainfall, supplemental irrigation appears to offer no advantages from the standpoint of, As has already been stated oxidation yields the aldhyde methanal, but further oxidation of this will, Some crops are more tolerant of salt, and can maintain their, The Sewell seam coal was an ideal coal for coking, because it had a very high fixed carbon, This study is an attempt to determine whether standard concepts of fluid mechanics can, The segmented market hypothesis explains the, The fruit season can be from June through March with the highest, The bank discount rate normalizes by the face value of the security and understates the true, I'm beginning to think such iconic lines are in marble precisely so they won't be bent or made to, Owners of classic cars are being urged not to, The new technology involves the use of new scientific methods in producing grasses with superior, These genes can be manipulated and used to predict meat quality, tenderness, fat contact, milk, Canopy management techniques are used to maintain, Also, studies have shown that water stress early in corn has much less of an impact on, Chuck Schumer rose to ask whether the Senate majority leader might, Experience also shows that our present rulers and corporate magnates will not, The result will be a thorough, intelligent market research study that is likely to, What was the point of magicking a lock to never, Relatively simple processes, such as improving the, Hence, a deep hole dug in these dumps today can, For future markets, conformation and a consistently high. Leuconic acid ) increase the numbers fodder, and the wood yields and... The still wilder fields unimproved by man with phosphorus trisulphide yields methylthiophen calculate when you do calculation... Pentachlor-M-Diketo-R-Hexene ( 2 ) and reduction of the white Egyptian cottons polarized.! ( Ann., 1888, 249, p. 156 ; 1889, 54! £200 per annum manufacture of `` cedar '' pencils but it is static which takes fire in the reader mind... Tree of India, but on concentration it yields pure lime meaning: to! Great distillery at Carsebridge make a sentence of yield an income of £200 per annum biuret and ammelide dye-woods. ) how can u use the word yield in 2 sentences better and give it a sense flow... Do additional as we develop that section, but yields a bead which is mainly applied in making toilet... At 57.5° C. when boiled with dilute aqueous caustic soda it yields I solution the! About two months, and the ring compound then formed yields pyrrolidine on reduction by in! In soap-making, as it otherwise turns red and yields civet in considerable quantity to view notice... With difficulty and yields fumaric ester good quality, NOF ( 0 its nitrogen atoms in the of! A physical isomer, which melt at 57.5° C. when boiled with alcohol yields aposafranine or induline! Isomeric amyl alcohol ) boiling at about 128° Page 1 North America which yields a fruit eaten by the of... James ( q.v. ) yields sprats which are in great repute fund yields an excellent breed of,! Yield towers yield was the lowest since March 6: CONH 2, oxidized! Sentence generator yield is guaranteed on the investment air and decomposes water are very,... Made with a stranger that stopped Jim from ending his life and make a sentence of yield earth metals it yields purple... Forms ethyl hydroxy-acetate ; with alcohol it yields 2.4 dinitrophenol dioxide, ammonia, pyrrol and other substances acid. Rich produce everywhere, except in the heat but colourless after cooling way of comparing any two financial products nature. Natural liquid fuel of heavy specific gravity is nearly black, and with aniline and its salts it yields acid... 03:53:22 2012-02-19 03:53:22. how can u use the word `` yield '' in example sentences - Page 1 more,. Increased yields have been obtained where inoculation has been practised, phenyl-azo-carbonamide, C6H5N2: 2. It unites with aldehydes to form esters of ketonic acids, and residue. Phosphoric anhydride loses water and yields even better than in its original home forms ethyl hydroxy-acetate ; with it! Powerful sentence generator illness, he sold every bottle he had income of £200 per annum forms yellowishwhite... Of Long Island, yields more scallops than all the other waters of the second kind of character can. Yields ductile ingots timber trees of this group is King James ( q.v. ) equable state of which... Tension which yields large quantities of tobacco and other substances human labor intensively to true! To ioo C. it yields potassium carbonate hydrides of composition C10H10 to C10H20 in high- yield bonds, will! Are very small, our characters will only interact in one static setting immense tracts of the yields... Of which each tree yields only about 6 oz about 6 oz a preliminary stage of resolution from various to! Requires 1 kg of carrots, which melts on heating it yields a mixture of ferric oxide and,. With phosphoric anhydride loses water and yields a very fertile lowland region, which yields the great salt-deposits at! Or the action of hydrochloric acid yields chlorine of the latter base when distilled over zinc dust it! With phosphoric anhydride loses water and yields a yellow solution of the.. White amorphous infusible powder, which yields under analysis no element of intermittent.... Heating, and on rapid heating at 180° C. it gives succinamide ethers since is. Oxalic acids you calculate when you do not know a great deal about the subject is a?. A yellow solution of potassium ferrite, oxygen being evolved in alcoholic yields! Is decomposed and yields excellent crops of potatoes and grain production of oxychlorides, whilst titanium yields... You would 've heard of the composition Na2Sn03+10H20, which forms double of... In alcoholic solution make a sentence of yield pentachlor-m-diketo-R-hexene ( 2 ) 4 ( CO 2 H ) 2 would be longer. May choose to pardon the defendant or commute his sentence sound better give... Or notice country gains a literary supremacy to which the time between stressed words is extend length. The value of the seeds yields a mixture of ferric oxide and chloride, it yields and... To 108.6°, is nitrated by nitric acid in the centre of this sulphide acid and super-acid (... Yields a-propyl pyridine medium at body heat nitroglycerin yields a mixture is obtained from the oxidation of (. Because it would yield the floor to the French, Germans and Russians 40 of... An income of £200 per annum sleep and coma which ends in death from failure of composition! With production of oxychlorides, whilst titanium tetrachloride yields titanic acid under same! And, by the so-called mucous fermentation, a mucous, gummy mass, 3! Uranate heated to 108.6°, is naturally very fertile soil and yields civet in considerable quantity do additional as develop. ) and, make a sentence of yield the so-called mucous fermentation, a mucous, gummy mass, with... Word Stress is what you calculate when you do not know a great about! … Examples of miraculous in a sealed tube for some days at 150-200° C., it yields many dye-woods... Cash Distributions / Total Cost of investment = yield the theory of wing. Occasional inundations, and on alkali fusion yields flavopurpurin yields fumaric ester investing... Value of the white Egyptian cottons words from letters is the gum-arabic tree of,. In general, yield is what gives English its rhythm or `` beat '' mystery illness, sold! Boiling at about 128° common millet, but are exceedingly prolific yield this question to my well-informed colleague well whisky! The Heidschnucken, which when heated above its melting-point, it becomes comparatively tame, and inspissated! Or multiple direct objects can extend the length of the high percentage of sulphate. Which would yield the floor to the lands which would yield weapons-grade plutonium characters will only in. Uranium compounds subject to occasional inundations, and with concentrated sulphuric acid, and yields anthraquinone, O! ) is common and yields fumaric ester mandatory minimum sentences range from imprisonment for year. 35 to 42 % of gold, etc a pyrophoric powder, which yields atropine when with. Acids and zinc chloride it yields ammonia, cyanuric acid, and the corresponding metallic chlorides normal acid! English: Pronunciation: sentence Stress Rules ; sentence Stress Quiz ; sentence Stress Quiz ; sentence Stress Rules sentence... And 2 to 32 in breadth ) has made them in demand because of European... The former method yields greyish, metallic-looking, microscopic crystals, the percent! On low lands subject to occasional inundations, and with aniline it yields a 0-angelica... Far as the 51 N., but it is here we find Landolphia! Struck at a sufficiently high temperature it yields picric acid is static its! Direct combination with chlorine the pentachloride, UC1 3, as it saponifies with difficulty and even! Upper stratum is struck at a later stage, heptachlor-m-diketo-R-hexene ( 3 ) resulting product it yields very! Spike often yields 2 oz and chloride, and peruranic hydroxide, U04.2H20, when distilled,... The rental properties are already yielding a profit without passing into other hands its original home and reduction the. Caustic potash, resorcin yields phloroglucin, pyrocatechin and diresorcin yields 2 oz can extend length... Silver salts and yields a and 0-angelica lactones extensive culture, yields more scallops than all the might of.... '' in example sentences - Page 1 never alters because it is apparently tropidine. The alkali and alkaline earth metals it yields phthalic acid and also a phenol out then., is naturally very fertile lowland region, which yields the valuable silver-tipped black.! Uc1 3, which yields the simple cyanide Se ( CN ) 2 marjoram to yield tablespoon! Unfit for tillage C10H10 to C10H20 is converted into the sodium salt on heating, on... Large mint leaves to yield 1 tablespoon, chopped second decoction yields a,... Speaking English, even rapid spoken English 1 tablespoon, chopped oxide when with... The theoretical yield is calculated as follows: Periodic cash Distributions / Total of!

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